Malaysia’s First 360° Motion Sensitive Dining Experience

Malaysia’s First 360° Motion Sensitive Dining Experience.

Those were the words on the invitation card that attracted our attention.

The event, a multi-sensory dining experience, had us interacting with projections on the wall and on the table top during our 5-course degustation menu created with the finest ingredients and paired with a handpicked selection of champagnes, wines and cognacs. This unique dining experience was brought to reality by the collaboration of Hennessy with Tapestry Malaysia and Enfin by James Won.

Essentially it had been a theatrical dining experience distinguished by 5 different scenes or themes as the dishes were beautifully presented before us. It is definitely an unusual form of artistic expression.

Scene One. Baby Baguette Stick, Apple Sorrel, Sambal Olek à la Enfin, Chicken Skin and Flowers Foie Gras Mushroom, Black Cherries, White Chocolate Nuts, Mushroom Tartare, Truffle Egg Yolk, Mushroom Distillate Gelée, Roasted Quinoa, Sesame, Pickled Shallots, Cornichons, Chives). Paired with Krug Champagne, Reims, Champagne, France

Scene One was probably the prettiest of the five dishes for us. The assortment of ingredients that made up the serving platter certainly intrigued us. The taste did not disappoint either when paired with the bubbly.


Scene Two (Smoked Mackerel, Rendang Confetti, Ginger Torch, Laksa Emulsion Centre, Kumquat Glace, Kaffir Leaves, Rye Bread). Paired with Terrazas de los Andes Reserva, Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina

If you reside in South East Asia, you would already have an idea of the outcome when you read the ingredients in Scene Two. Sweet, savoury, fishy, limey, spicy and everything else you can imagine from a South East Asian cuisine. This course paired well with the chardonnay.

Scene Three(i). Lobster, Caviar, Ice Plant, Vegetable Roulade, Lobster Bisque. Paired with Terrazas de los Andes Reserva, Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina

Scene Three (ii). Burnt Cauliflower, Fennel Frond and Fennel Gelée. Paired with Terrazas de los Andes Reserva, Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina

Fresh strong crustacean flavors and beautiful presentation of cauliflower dish in Scene Three. Though prettily presented, the cauliflower was  a too mushy to be enjoyed. Both dishes didn’t pair as well with the chardonnay as we expected.


Scene Four. Wagyu Beef, Sarawak Peppercorn Veils, Pomme de Terre à la Chinoise (Potato), Charred Broccoli, Capeberry Mustard and Wild Fermented Chilli Olek. Paired with Cape Mentelle, Shiraz, Margaret River, Australia

For Scene Four, diners can choose a Garoupa Fish dish but we opted for the Wagyu Beef. The Shiraz felt a little underwhelming for this bold flavored meat.


Scene Five. Coconut Bombe Alaska, Durian Parfait Glace, 70% Single Origin Dark Cacao Sponge. Paired with Hennessy XO, Cognac, France

Scene Five lit the evening up with a special Bombe Alaska. If one doesn’t enjoy the pungent flavors of  Musang King Durian, they can opt for coconut. Interestingly, the meringue and ice cream flavors paired well with the full complex notes of the cognac.


Leave us a comment below on how you feel about this first-of-its-kind dining experience in Kuala Lumpur and in Malaysia.

If you want to be apart of this immersive and interactive culinary journey, it is available at Enfin by James Won, for lunch every Saturday and Sunday, and for dinner every Tuesday to Sunday from 10th July 2018 until 9th November 2018.

Limited to 16 seats per session, the 5-course menu will be priced at RM999+ (with alcohol pairing) and RM790+ (without alcohol pairing) per person.

To make reservations, check out this reservation service.


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