For Goodness Sake

This entire week for me was intense.

Check this item, don’t forget that detail.. and for goodness sake, get everyone motivated and involved.

Oh yeah, participating in a major international conference ain’t easy but with a little bit of luck, lots of prayers and support from a great, energetic and “never say die” team,  I survived. Since today is my off day, I will celebrate the simple things in life. A good, satisfying bowl of udon or better yet, cha soba.. and a quiet lunch with a couple of close friends. Oh, for goodness sake, I think I’ve earned my right to a bit of uncomplicated “me” time, don’t you?


Oroshi Udon – Udon with Poached egg and Japanese vinaigrette


Slurp your udon for maximum satisfaction


Pineapple slushy


Cha soba – Cold green tea soba, Ciki’s favourite thing to eat at this noodle bar. She loves it when the egg and the wasabi in the dipping sauce hits her head. Oooo.. exquisite pain..


Lifting the noodles high, above one’s head is common practice here!


Soft shell crab with ponzu dipping sauce


Umaki – unagi omelette with bonito flakes


Gyuniku Tataki – seared beef with ponzu

For Goodness Saké
2F-29A, Bangsar Village II,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru, KL

A huge thank you to my Team,  you guys are the best!

Opening Ceremony at the KL Convention Center – Petronas Twin Towers in background

Let the meeting begin!


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