Foods you should try if you ever travel to Russia

Traveling to Russia is a fantastic chance to see the fabled Kremlin and Red Square, historical sites in St. Petersburg, the jewels of the Golden Ring, beautiful views from the water, embark on a cruise, sample delectable Russian cuisine, and much more.

The taste experience is made even better by trying new meals during a journey to a city or nation you have never visited. We will examine why food is a significant aspect of the vacation experience below. Pork, poultry, and fresh beef are the main components of a typical solyanka. Then, new herbs like parsley or dill are included. This dish is ideal for protecting you from the bitter cold you can encounter in Russia in the winter.

Caviar and borscht are perhaps the first dishes from Russia that come to mind. However, there are a lot of more good variety foods in the country that you should try.


Russian Pelmeni

Dumplings: Pelmeni
Dumplings are a specialty of the Russians. You will undoubtedly encounter pelmeni and dumplings when traveling through the nation. They typically contain turnip, mushrooms, onions, and ground beef. The pelmeni offered all over Russia may have regional variations. There is disagreement over their actual origin as well. Russia certainly has a good proportion of desserts when it comes to sweets. A honey cake known as the movie is perhaps the most well-liked. Sweetened sour cream is an additional main component of this delicious delicacy.
It was historically adored by that the Imperial family. It comprises thin layers of creme fraiche sandwiched between slices of honey pound cake. The cake is typically built pretty high and has five to fifteen layers on average. To absorb part of the cream, nuts are frequently put on top.

Cabbage Rolls
Many different international cuisines include cabbage rolls. These are called golubtsy; unlike in several other nations, they are not meatless meals. Instead, the beef in golubtsy has been shredded.

Salyanka is a Russian word that means salty item. It is a classic leftover dinner, made into a hearty soup. There are essential ingredients such as beef and sausage, potatoes, tomatoes, and tomato sauce. It is typically cooked with olives, and in some places, cheese makes it even more similar to pizza in flavor. Salyanka is usually consumed with a shot of vodka to aid in the digestion of this strange leftover soup.

Despite being one of the more basic foods, it is highly significant to Russians. We adore this doughnut- or bagel-shaped bread roll.

Pancakes: Blini
These pancakes may be both savory and sweet, making them highly adaptable. They are wrapped in sweet fillings like jam or chocolate syrup. They frequently include cheese, caviar, shallots, and sour cream if they’re savory.

During a period when everything Russian became very much in style in Europe, caviar consumption increased as a result. The fashion came back to Russia at the beginning of the 20th century because Russians were likewise interested in what was occurring in Europe, and it has remained popular ever since.

Anyhow, seeing Russia is necessary for every visitor because every city there, even in the sweet and friendly area, possesses something to dazzle with. Russia is a location that should be on your trip wish list. We encourage you to go with the most seasoned tour company in the area if you intend to visit this wonderful country but do not forget to get you visa first at: before traveling. Traveling for cuisine is a fantastic way to experience different cultures and explore the world.


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