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A long, long time ago we created cumidanciki.blogspot.com to document our travels and eats just for kicks. This was before hashtags were part of a sentence and when sharing meant just hitting the Publish button on the content editor. Our stories provided fun reading, tips and motivation to travel (sometimes off the beaten path – especially for food), the impetus to taste new things, & to basically explore the world without filters. Our blogspot grew in popularity and soon we migrated to CCFoodTravel.com

We made new friends on our travels, experienced new cultures, swam in tranquility, received kindness from strangers, got caught in the rain sometimes, learned a few foreign words, ran some marathons, tasted new flavors in dingy places, ate at fancy bistros, and a lot of times drank perhaps, too much wine and spirits. We experienced humanity and learned to be a little more humble in how we view life. There is still so much to see in the world, and so many cultures to immerse ourselves in albeit a short time period.

Who Are We..? 


Social Media Influencer, Health and Fitness Enthusiast, Gourmand, Foodie, Food Photographer

Meet Mei, Pharmacist (UK), Certified Fitness Nutritionist (USA) and Marathoner, who has a penchant for all things fine, luxurious and pretty. She’s happiest in a sunny villa by the horizon pool at a secluded resort with a few cocktails, and equally happy running through the flea markets in her trainers.


Social Media Influencer, Adventurer, Wanderer, Sportsman, Cook, Foodie, Travel Photographer

Meet Jo.. weekend warrior, and amateur sportsman. He is the one who wanders and takes the path less trodden wherever possible to travel deeper. While he is tied to modern conveniences in the city and loves his tipple of wine, whisky, cognac and fancy cocktails at a speakeasy, he doesn’t mind getting his hands and legs dirty trudging through a tropical jungle.

Luca Oleysa

Luca born in the year of the Monkey (Chinese Zodiac), has the heart of a traveler and wanderer, she will go wherever her parents lead and then some. She is bright eyed, curious and a white canvas waiting to be filled with colorful experiences.

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CCFoodTravel receives approximately 500,000 page views per month, averages 210,000 odd visitors per month, is visited by about 7,000 unique visitors per day, has an audience from approximately 186 countries worldwide and we interacts on a variety of social media platforms.

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1. The Main Menu on the left is a fixed hover menu, that follows as you scroll. Here’s how it works:

  • Travel – Adventures and Travels across the globe arranged by Geography
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  • Product Reviews Get in touch with us if you would like us to review your products related to this blog
  • Hotel Reviews – Tips on which hotels to stay at, and why they are on our list of Tops Stays for that country
  • Grapevine Kuala Lumpur Scene – Activities and events pertaining to Food, Travel, Lifestyle that are happening around KL.

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