Chinese Nasi Lemak Section 17

Nasi lemak, the de facto national dish of Malaysia.

Yet, you would agree with me, when I say that there are so many version of it – the mind boggles.

Here’s one popular version,  here’s another and another.

But probably one of the less known ones would be a Chinese style Nasi Lemak, located in Section 17 PJ.


You can ask any Malaysian, their opinion of what a good nasi lemak is.. and what a phenomenally exceptional one is, and I guarantee that most answers would differ.


Some might reply, that it lies in the salty coconut rice. Some say it’s the generous use of pandan leaves/screwpine leaves. Others swear that the right sambal, is the main point of having nasi lemak – great dried anchovies, aka ikan bilis and the right amount of caramelized onions! Some like it more sweet, some more savory. Some like it light with tons of vegetables while some, are only into the meaty rendang, sunny side up eggs fried till crispy on the underside, soft squid (sotong janggut) that accompanies it. Some like it so spicy it takes your head off, and some like it mild.


Whatever it is, there are enough options in KL, to keep the avid nasi lemak aficionado happy.


This one here in section 17, should be famous for its deep fried chicken. It’s amazingly addictive.


Seasoned first, marinated till supple and soft, then battered and fried, to give that crispy outer later, the succulence of the chicken breast is definitely praise-worthy. It’s more tender than normal chicken because of the pre-marinade. I’d come here for this alone. Cumi mentions the meat is probably tenderized with baking soda as there is a faint metallic taste.

Uncle here fries the chicken fresh, on the spot.


Vegetable options for those who want to feel like they are having something slightly more “healthy” 😛 


The rice is probably less ‘coconuty’ but it has a nice turmeric flavor, and you can see from the color that they are generous with this spice.


The sambal and achar are really on the sweet side. So if you do not like sweet versions of Nasi lemak, then this is not for you. The heat factor is also mild, and not as cathartically spicy as the Malay version.


The Curry Chicken with potatoes is delicious too. We like to drench our rice in its gravy. What’s interesting at this stall is the availability of a chicken curry cooked without coconut milk. When queried, the proprietor said, “healthier alternative”

Definitely come here for the super tender, fried chicken breast and the generous ingredients, and a sweet, mild version of the Nasi Lemak!

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Chinese Nasi Lemak Stall
Jalan 17/18,
Petaling Jaya,
(Located behind Happy Mansion,
within the residential area of section 17)


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