Margaret Yong Tau Foo @ Subang Perdana

If you are a size queen, like I am, you will love this place.

Margaret’s Yong Tau Foo is one of the best places to visit, for supersized Yong Tau Foo (YTF). It definitely ranks way up there on our top list of YTF Joints in KL.


Priced at RM0.80 per piece, it is rather value for money. These come served in a shallow plate, in a thick soup base. The Yong Tau Foo comes with another bowl of soup, which I use for dunking my deep-fried beancurd skins into. If you haven’t tried this dunking technique, you really should – it’s good!


Apart for being huge, the taste of Margaret’s Bean Curd stuffed with fish paste is amazing, and discerning folks know a good thing, when they see one. You can tell because this restaurant is usually packed to the rafters during lunch and dinnertime. The Tenggiri (Spanish Mackerel/Kau Yee (Chinese)) fish paste that’s generously stuffed into all manner of YTF is the bomb.

20140917_122458 fried foo chok – great when dunked into the hot soup provided! 

And supersized YTF aside, my favourite here is actually the fried tau kan (beancurd skin with fish paste core) which is puffy, crunchy on the outside and yet soft & fragrant in its fish paste center. Such is my addiction, I can eat one plate of 4 easy, each time!


 fried Tau Kan – my favourite! 

I also love the silky smooth, soft White Tau Foo, as well as the spongy Tau Foo Pok, stuffed with fish paste and pork and other signature ingredients. Some how, the meat-fish mix is really the tastiest thing on earth.


Delicious, massive, succulent Tau Foo Pok, cooked till it’s tender in Margaret’s secret broth..


Brinjal fans will also die a little each time, for this deep fried, caramelized skin brinjal, that just melts in your mouth!


Loyal patrons come here for the Beggar’s chicken, Chee Kiok Chow (Vinegar Pork leg), Stewed Pork, and Assam Fish but I usually can’t get past the Yong Tau Foo!


Margaret’s is a must visit, for delicious, value for money Yong Tau Foo!

Margaret Yong Tau Foo,
V1-00-06, Subang Perdana,
Goodyear Court 9 (around USJ 8 area),
Persiaran Mulia, 47610 Subang Jaya
Tel: 012-691 6576
Business hours: Tues to Sun, 11.30am to 3pm (lunch), 6pm to 9pm (dinner).
Closed on Monday.


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