The Ronnefeldt Cocktail afternoon @ The Smoke House KL

It was a tale of Tea. And Cocktails.

Tea Tails, if you like.

The Ronnefeldt Cocktail Afternoon was held on Saturday, 11th October 2014 at The Smoke House, Majestic Hotel KL.


Tea-infused cocktails and canapés delighted guests, who were totally intrigued by the unique concoctions prepared by the hotel’s resident bartender, Johnnie the Barman.


Among the Ronnefeldt inspired cocktails that were served during the event were the Conservatory Punch, Straits of Tea and Silver Tea Cobbler. There was also a selection of mocktails, namely the Jasmine Passion and Halcyon Days, for guests who preferred an invigorating non-alcoholic beverage.


Executive Chef Mohamad Zaidi and his culinary team perfectly complemented the stimulating beverage selection by preparing tea-infused canapés such as King Crab Meat Croquette, Peking Duck Pancake with Sweet Bean Vinaigrette, Ronnefeldt Orange Flower Tea Gravlax and Ronnefeldt Crème Brûlée.


Guests were also kept engaged in a talk on Ronnefeldt Tea and the teatails presented by Andreas Aufmkolk, Regional Director of Ronnefeldt Asia Pacific.


Jeffrey Mong, general manager of The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur told us that the hotel had been serving Ronnefeldt tea since the opening of the hotel. The Smoke House was also the perfect venue for an event of this nature as the place served some of the best cocktails in town.


Conservatory Punch

Courvoisier VS, Bacardi Carta Blanca, Citrus, Morgentau Tea, Spices, Curacao – After standing for half and hour with Morgentau Morning Dew Loose Green Tea, strain the mixture, ice the compound well


Straits of Tea

Bols Genever, Lemon Juice, Irish Whiskey Cream Tea – A truly heart warming, autumn concoction, based on genever, which is also known as holland gin with Irish Whiskey Cream Tea


Silver Tea Cobbler

Hendrick’s, Ginger Wine, Cucumber, Pai Mu Tan – This cobbler-style cocktail combines cucumber gin with pleasant and refreshing fragrance of pai mu tan tea


For those who don’t indulge in alcohol, there was Tea Temperance..


Jasmine Passion

Jasmine Gold, Passion Fruit Juice, Elderflower Inspiration for creation of new flavours comes from unexpected combination of Jasmine scented tea with passion fruit juice and elderflower


Halcyon Days

Moroccan Mint, Pear Puree, Ginger Infusion, Mint – The mint nuances of Moroccan mint mixes perfectly with pears


Canapes included…

Lamb Masala Vol Au Vent “Bombay Style”, Peking Duck Pan Cake with Sweet Bean Vinaigrette, King Crab Meat Croquette, Inari Parcel Filled with Shimeji, Ronnefeldt Flower Orange Tea Gravlax, Assorted Berry Tart, Strawberry Cheese Cake and the Ronnefeldt Crème Brulee. Delectable, bite size morsels of yum, which complemented the cocktails very well indeed.


fine rolls of duck 


Sparring with the King Crab Meat Croquette!


Delectable Strawberry Cheese Cake

Definitely one of the more interesting cocktail sessions we’ve been to this year. We’ll probably never look at gourmet tea, quite the same again!

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