5 Top Spots for Yong Tau Foo in KL!

Everyone has their favourite haunt for Yong Tau Foo. It used to be Ampang for us, but now a days, we have different favourites.

For the uninitiated, Yong Tau Foo means stuffed bean curd, although you will actually see other items apart from bean curd, stuffed with a meat paste of either fish or pork, or both, on offer at your average Yong Tau Foo stall. We love to take our visitors here, and see their eyes open up real big, at the incredible selection of unusual shaped vegetables, tofu, meatballs, fishballs etc. on the table, and folks hungrily digging into it.


Anyway, here are five of our top picks for Yong Tau Foo, that you should not miss, if you’re visiting KL.

1. Madras Lane, Off Petaling Street, KL

In the heart of Chinatown, Petaling Street KL, lies Madras Lane.


Madras lane is a famous street that runs like a pulsating artery, through Chinatown, and houses all sorts of hawker fare and delectable local favourites including local desserts such as the ABC and Cendol. It is vibrant with loud sounds, the smells of intermingling food and petaling street life. Finding a worthwhile place to eat at in Chinatown can get rather confusing, as every corner, street and lane is teeming with hawker stalls and restaurants. At Madras lane, the Yong Tau Foo is to die for.

Though the official name of the street is Jalan Sultan, no one ever calls Madras Lane by this name. Perhaps it may have something to do with the hawkers here who insist on hanging onto the memory of the Madras Cinema which burnt down in 1979.


Right in the center of the food court, is a third generation Yong Tau Foo business still runs, that has lasted for 60 years. One of the proprietors can stuff up to 200 tofu in an hour! That takes skill I tell you, and well, 60 years is a good amount of time to perfect that skill, if you ask me.


Boiling chillies and Tofu stuffed with fish paste, in a huge wok


An assortment of Yong Tau Foo


Do not mistake these humble beginnings for small time business folk. One of the owners of a chee cheong fun stall here in Madras Lane, has managed to build her chee cheong fun empire which reaches Taman OUG, Bangsar and even SEA Park.


Chee Cheong Fun – thin flat white strips of rice noodles that is normally served with sweet sauce and chili sauce


Chee Cheong Fun served just the way I like it – with lots of sauce and sesame seeds (chee-mah)

Petaling Street Hawker

A lady sits and wraps Fu-chok (bean curd) sheets with fish paste. Later this will be fried up in boiling oil, in a wok


Check out the seating arrangement here on Madras Lane! Packed to the rafters!

Madras Lane Chee Cheong Fun & Yong Tau Foo
Off Petaling Street
Kuala Lumpur
Non Halal Street Food

2. Puchong Yong Tau Foo at Batu 14

One of the tastiest Yong Tau Foo‘s in Kuala Lumpur, can be found under a shack, here in Puchong. Here on Jalan Puchong Batu 14, opposite of a Chinese school named Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Han Min, the Yong Tau Foo is famous.


Priced at RM1.10 per piece, this place is slightly more pricey than our favourite place in Pudu but I think from the size and the quality of the Yong Tau Foo, it is justified.


Pick the items you like, including choice of noodles and have it served either dry-style, with curry or some folks like it with rice, but me, I just eat it as it is. I normally pick a varied selection of food items including fish balls, crab sticks, bitter gourds, cuttlefish, lettuce, ladies fingers, as well as chilis, and various forms of fresh produce, seafood and meatballs, all of which are incredibly tasty. Here, we particularly like the stuffed Fish Maw (gas/swim bladder of the fish), which is soft, fluffy and super delicious!


stuffed fish maw

A word of caution – as with most places that are famous for their good food, this place is usually packed to the rafters. Were comfortable clothes as the zinc roof that’s warming up under the sun, can get a little uncomfortable. We suggest, tshirt, shorts and flip-flops so you can really get in there and demolish that kickass Yong Tau Foo mountain you’ve just piled onto your plate!

Puchong Yong Tau Fu
Lot 105, Batu 14,
Jalan Besar,
Kampung Baru Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Opens 11 am – 930pm. Closed Mon.

3. Yap Hup Kee Yong Tau Foo at Pudu, KL

The best thing here, apart from the incredibly fresh yong tau foo, is the chee cheong fun noodles. Silky chee cheong fun doused with curry (or sweet sauce) and topped with crunchy dried prawns, is what I am talking about.


I also love the vegetable selections they have here. Unlike other places that serve the run of the mill yong tau foo, this place offers four angled beans and long beans wrapped in fish paste or soybean skin.

YTF pudu

We love to take our visitors here as this place is air-conditioned! Of course the Yong Tau Foo comes at a premium too. One of the highlights of eating here are the deep fried pigs intestine. Take this if you’re not going for your annual cholesterol test anytime soon!


Restoran Yap Hup Kee,
45, Jalan Brunei Barat,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 KL
Tel: 03-2148 9220

4. Restoran Golden Tin, Pandan Indah KL

We definitely come here for the deep fried bean curd skin (Foo Chok) which is incredibly crunchy and addictive. These specialty beancurds are so huge, they look like Youtiao (deep fried chinese donut) rather than Foo Chok!


They have a soft and tasty fish paste center, and the crunchiest, crispy beancurd skin on the outside that you can imagine. Things like the brinjal, ladies fingers, stuffed chillies are to die for as well. Definitely top on our list of Yong Tau Foo joints in KL!


Restoran Golden Tin,
Jalan Pandan Indah 4/1,
Pandan Indah
55100 KL


5. Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun and Yong Tau Foo @ Imbi Market KL

You haven’t experienced KL, if you haven’t had breakfast at Imbi Market, and one of the great things to eat here, is of course, the Yong Tau Foo.

On the weekends, it is a mad rush to wake up and get to Imbi, Kuala Lumpur before 8am. Most of the good stuff is already sold out before noon, so you best get to Imbi Market early if you’re looking to fill your stomach with some nice hot Malaysian styled hawker breakfast.


Follow the queue that snakes forever, and you will end up at the Chee Cheong Fun Stall.. so famous because it is Fresh everyday! (as opposed to fresh every other day? :P)


Of all the ingredients in the Yong Tau Foo, we like the deep fried bean curd the best . This particular stall, uses a super thin bean curd skin, that’s perfect for frying. The lady doesn’t stop making these till everything is sold out – she places a special homemade fish paste with tons of coriander and minced shrimp, in between two sheets of bean curd, prepped for frying.


prepped and ready to hit the boiling wok oil!


It is then deep fried till the perfect golden brown, and you eat it with sweet sauce and chili sauce but eating it on its own, is just as good.


We had this with the chee cheong fun which had an acceptable texture and flavour, but not the best flat rice noodles we have had in town. We like the Madras lane’s Chee Cheong Fun better!

Ah Fook Yong Tau Foo
Imbi Market,
Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates : 3.143569,101.716779
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