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Having a cocktail, or dinner, high above the city and taking in spectacular views at one of the best rooftop bars, this side of town, is one of my favorite things to do, on the weekend. For us PJ folk, The Roof at Bandar Utama sure beats sitting in traffic for 2 hours, trying to reach a party in the heart of KL. Oh, yes, roof top dining in BU is a God-sent.


 Escargot a la Bourguignonne

Located on the 30th floor of Bandar Utama’s First Avenue, The Roof houses five outlets in one location. The main attraction and F&B outlet is Signature – this space transforms at night when the light panels in the walls emit a warm hue, and psychedelic projections warm you up, for a partying mood.


Apart from that, Signature also has an interesting menu, that borders on fine dining. We notice escargots, maguro tartare and foie gras on the starter menu, and then wagyu, black cod and caviar on the mains. Wow, I had no idea that Signature was this high-end. The prices looked decent though, and not through the roof (er.. pun intended!)


Signature is a great place to experiment with alcoholic beverages too. Tell the mixologist your “mood” and he will concoct a cocktail to suit your frame of mind. Here below, we tried Summer Greetings, Blur and Covent Garden.


Bartender’s Whimsy – because the barman knows best! 

We told the mixologist that we didn’t want overly sweet, nor floral tasting cocktails. I must say that the peppermint based cocktail, was my favourite. We highly recommend you try this novel way of choosing a mood cocktail.


Salmon and Maguro Tartare

I have simple taste buds and simple needs. So it comes as no surprise that this simple dish of tuna and salmon tartare, hit the spot rather nicely. This dish had crisp, light Japanese elements that were fused with warm, round, flavours of sesame oil and seeds, plus just the most polite hint of garlic. The best things in life, are uncomplicated.


Black Angus Carpaccio

Next were thin slices of raw beef served with mustard dressing, lemon, crushed pistachio, olive oil, salt, fresh cracked pepper and dressed baby herbs and rocket salad. Super delicious – even salad haters won’t complain about this dish as there is enough red meat to off-set the greens.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

This  tangle of crunchy vegetables, juicy cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers makes an effervescent base for some supremely delectable soft-shell crab.

Wagyu Rib Eye (Marbling – grade 7)

My favourite steak cut? Rib eye. And my favourite type of beef? Kobe (ok not always available) so Wagyu, of course! And when you can get your hands on some proper Wagyu Ribeye steaks, with a decent marbling of 7., well, these are nothing short of perfection. The yam was hard though, and needed some improvement.

Black Cod with Caviar

An impressive dish of pan-fried black cod with a scoop of briny, glistening sturgeon eggs on top. You might think it was a bit over the top with all that umami, fishy flavor in the mix, but it was good. The skin was nice and crispy and added contrast to the texture of the soft caviar. Loved this dish.

Bontosaurus Beef Ribs

These prehistoric ribs, look ridiculously huge and remind me of the scene in the Flintstones, where the waitress drops their order of ribs on the car window at the drive-in, and the car tips over! The flavour was good, if not a little sweet (loads of thick and gooey, caramelized sauce). Texture wise, for the most part, it was fall off the bone tender – no gnawing required! Some parts had a slightly burnt smell and on these bits, the meat was hard – I guess there’s room for improvement.

Moroccan Lamb Shank

Gamy and tender, lamb shank lovers will love this one.
Wagyu Beef Flat Rice Noodles( Ngau Yuk Hor)

When I saw this item on the menu, I figured that I’d really lucked out. I mean, first Wagyu steak, then Wagyu hor fun.. what a treat! Well, the wagyu was good, but I preferred the steak version which had a better marbling. Taste wise, the hor fun had good wok-hei (smoky wok-fried aroma) and an al dente texture. Considering this wasn’t a streetside dai-chow, the noodles were above average. The Wagyu helped, of course!


All in all, definitely more hits than misses. We can’t wait to come back for the foie gras starter that they ran out of that night. It’s nice to keep some surprises for our next dining experience at Signature!


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