James Cendol Sitiawan comes to Old Klang Road

We found a fabulous new place for Cendol!


James Cendol on Old Klang Road does some great Cendol indeed!

This spanking new cendol joint (only 6 months old) is situated next to Lee Chong Wei Sri Sentosa Sports Complex (map attached at the end of post), on Old Klang Road. Cumi stumbled upon it, as usual, on one of his drives around town. The good thing about the location of James Cendol, is that there is ample free carpark and you can sit for as long as you like, in comfortable, breezy surroundings, unlike some cendol stalls where you have to squeeze into parking and stand around in the heat, eating and sweating into your cendol.


Lee Chong Wei Sri Sentosa Sports Complex


striking venue.. you can’t miss it

This cendol originates in Sitiawan, and if you ask the Sitiawan folk they will probably tell you that Sitiawan cendol is the best.. ever. And if you keep prodding, they will tell you that James Cendol is the best in Sitiawan;) The original James Cendol stall from Sitiawan is situated right at the entrance to a Hindu temple on Jalan Lumut – within a walking distance from The Store supermarket or Uncle John Cafe in Sitiawan, if you ever go there and want to visit the original shop.


soft, fluffy green stands of cendol

James himself is an amicable fellow. He was patient and all smiles as I asked him to pause this way, and that way, and ‘show me all his apparatus’ so I could take a good photo. A very cool guy, all decked out for the part too, I must say. I’ve never seen a more smartly dressed cendol man. Ever.


James, the man!

Green, fluffy and soft strands of pandan infused cendol that is served up nice and icy cold in fresh coconut santan(milk). The coconut is so fresh, you can see them grating it, old school style, at James Cendol.


the grater


the coconut


the coconut gets the grater

The cendol strands themselves are made fresh everyday and do not contain any preservatives, and that’s why the texture is so great. I love my cendol with pulut and red bean.. tastes heavenly! At RM3.00 per bowl, it’s obviously not the cheapest of Cendol in the Klang Valley, but the quality and flavour is totally worth the money. They add just enough salt to their cendol which really enhances the flavour of the coconut milk. They also do goreng pisang and rojak here. And oh, some rather tasty ice cream potong too. Perfect in this sweltering heat!


my favourite way of eating cendol – cendol, pulut and red bean


goreng pisang (banana fritters)


ice-cream potong .. cendol flavour

Verdict? A terrific place for Cendol. We will be back with friends and family in tow, the next time. For the lucky folk of Bangsar, James Cendol will be opening a new branch soon in that area. The owners will be starting up a restaurant called SIMPLY SPICE opposite the new UOA building at Dataran Maybank in Bangsar starting on the 16th of February. James Cendol will be served here.


For more information, please check out their website at, James Cendol. You can also find James Cendol on facebook.



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