Carbo Loading at Restoran Kim Seng @ Section 17

Remember how, as a student, you would just cook some rice, and dump canned food over it? (OK, maybe many of you are like Jamie Oliver behind the stove, but I, oh, I was pretty much a can food student.)

Well, there’s this really cool student’s daichow place (or we like to call it that) which serves, good, cheap and best of all hot food, at student prices, and portions, at section 17 PJ.


When I say student portions, I mean massive plates of steaming rice, with a uni-dish (i.e. a single type of meat + vegetable dish), heaped on top of the rice. It is simple, delicious, and most importantly fills up even the stomach of ravenous students. And the reason why the place is full of students, is because the food is cheap and good.


My favourite here is the Kailan Siew Yoke Farn (Chinese Kale with Roasted Pork). The Crackling is superb, and since the pork and kailan are stir fried together in a wok with loads of garlic, shalots and some special sauce, the resulting concoction is irresistibly tasty. They dump this on top of rice and the sauce just oozes all over the place, and is absorbed by the rice. It is impossibly not to wolf down this meal in 10 minutes flat. And it is a pretty huge meal at that. Best part is, it is only RM5.50. Insanely cheap.


The Gu Lou Yoke here is tasty too, with a nice caramelized crispy outer later, and meaty center. The sweet and sour sauce is addictive stuff. Dump it over rice and that’s another great meal in itself , capable of satiating even the most ravenous of students. Not our favourite sweet and sour place, but it will suffice on most “I need to eat sweet and sour pork” nights.


Apart from rice dishes, Kim Seng also does Stir Fried Chinese noodle dishes. Not as good as some of our favourite joints but it does the job of filling you up anyway. This is the Fried Beef Kwey Teow. Tasty enough but not as good as the noodles served at Fun Kee, Jalan Sungai Besi.

If you are looking for rice dishes that are generous, cheap and good, go to Restoran Kim Seng.

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Restoran Kim Seng,
Jalan 17/18,
Petaling Jaya,
(Located behind Happy Mansion,
within the residential area of section 17)






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