Weng Onn Chicken Rice Shop @ Taman Cheras

Chicken rice sounds like such a simple dish – chicken and rice. Doesn’t exactly seem very exciting right? But on the streets of KL, even this simple hawker fare takes some deceptively sophisticated preparation, involving poached chicken and rice cooked in fragrant, fatty chicken stock. Roasted chicken is usually available as an alternative to the poached version, and depending on our mood, we order one, or the other.. or both.

chicken rice (pak cham kai)

You might already have realized, that as with so many other street food favorites, each and every one of us defines what makes a good plate of chicken rice, differently. While a bowl of kick-ass rice works for some, others may kill for super silky smooth poached chicken skin, or yet others who prefer roast chicken, grade it by the crispy roasted skin, or a one-of-its-kind-chili sauce. I say, whatever works for you, that’s it then.



Cumi is addicted to the rice itself. The innocent-looking rice when done right, is actually incredibly flavorful and is cooked using the chicken broth spiced up with garlic, ginger, and of course chicken fat. The ginger component is also an important one – you need a good ginger sauce that enhances the flavors of the chill sauce.


At Weng Onn Chicken Rice shop, we found that the same stall sells chicken rice, siew yoke, char siew, assam fish, choy keok (sweet sour vegetables) marinated herbal tea leaf eggs as well as the killer awesome pig intestine soup. The Chicken flavored rice as it turned out, was just so-so and it was served cold (it should be warm at the very least). The Roasted chicken and the other meats were a little hard and nothing to shout about either.


But the star at this little shack of a shop, has got to be the Pig Offal Soup. The pig intestine soup for RM6 was insanely good and chock full of ingredients. From Pig offal to chunks of pork rib meat, the soup was sweet and full of flavor. It wasn’t peppery so much at meaty.


This was supposed to be a portion for one person, but it could have easily fed 2-3 persons without any trouble. It has Pig’s blood cubes in it for added kick. The intestines had been washed well and were soft and fluffy and full of sweet succulent fatty flavor. It was not hard and rubbery – the sort I hate and stay away from. These were the bomb.


Large intestine, small intestine, pigs blood, tongue and salted vegetable


There’s only so much pig’s blood I can eat in one sitting. Didn’t manage to finish it all! 


Notice the plastic tub in the foreground -that’s the intestine, offal and innards, soaking in a pot 


We’d highly recommend this place for the Pig Intestine soup. For RM6, it’s really delicious and value for money.

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Weng Onn Chicken Rice Shop,
Lorong Durian,
Taman Cheras, KL
Tel: 6012 317 5426


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