LOST: Mr Sweet & Sour Pork

choy choy bkt

Oh me oh my.., where has Mr. Sweet and Sour Pork Man gone?

Cumi has lost his favorite sweet and sour pork cook!

How did Cumi lose him? Cumi had become an un-filial guest here, neglecting to visit more often to keep the relationship alive. It was only until one fine evening last year, the craving for a plate of perfectly fried chunky pork loin cuts in thin batter (no tiny slices here!), doused with the cook’s amazing sweet vinegarish sauce, came about, and we discovered too late that the stall was no more. We asked one of the owners from Choy Choy Bak Kut Teh (BKT – herbal pork stew) about the stall and the lady flippantly replied, “Don’t know!”.

Even if Choy Choy’s decent herbal BKT broth can sooth a pork lovers heart, it cannot heal Cumi’s love for the sweet and sour pork dish.

Cumi has been frequenting the BKT here for over a decade and then the arrival of the ‘Tai Chow’ or ‘Big Fry’ stall here provided another attraction for him. It’s been over a year since the stall at Choy Choy Bak Kut Teh Restaurant moved away. This place was our secret haunt for a good plate of sweet sour dish for many years.

How good was it? Cumi says its as good if not better than the ones found in the chinese banquet restaurants and with a more affordable price tag plus a good serving size. You could also say, it was so good we had to keep it a secret until now – when the stall has vanished.

The other dishes prepared by the cook’s deft hands were excellent as well.

We didn’t take any pictures, we didn’t take down any names and now there is nothing left to hang on to other than that familiar taste on our tongues to remind us of a great dish.

We had assumed that the popularity of the BKT here would keep this restaurant and the stall going for generations but we were wrong, the stall moved away and the most of the restaurant space is now rented to a snooker joint and there are even fewer customers for the BKT!!

choy choy bkt

Does anyone know where the ‘Big Fry’ stall has moved to?

Reward: a treat to this amazing sweet & sour pork dish!

Choy Choy Bak Kut Teh

Old Klang Road (Next to the traffic lights entering Taman Desa)


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