How to Renew your Malaysian Passport in 1.5 hours

So the question I keep hearing these days is, How do you Renew your Malaysian Passport as fast as possible, and where should you go?

Here is my experience at the Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (Ministry of Home Affairs), Sri Hartamas, just a month ago.


My tips will help you renew your Malaysian passport as fast as possible, without any hick ups or delays.


A couple of important things that are new, and different (as of this date – it might change in the near future) are :

1. You do NOT need to fill any forms
2. The passport photo must have a WHITE background
3. The passport Kiosk are no longer is service (spoilt, off-line, whatever.)
4. You will need to bring your IC (MyKad), money, old passport and two photographs of yourself with you on the day of renewal. (update : no need to bring photo. on the spot you will be asked to take a digital photo)
5. You do not need to photocopy ANY documents


kiosk that are offline (err..everyday) 

Here are my tips on a speedy trip to renew your passport, so that you are in and out in approximately 1.5hrs, with your new passport and all.


1. Prepare your passport Photo

Go a day earlier and get your passport photo done. They have a photography shop on the Ground floor of the Komplex Kementerian Dalam Negeri Sri Hartamas (address & GPS at end of this post), so you might just go there to save yourself some grief of getting the dimensions wrong. It only costs RM10 for 4 photos, and you need just two. Keep the rest for when you next renew your passport next (unless they change the background, again).


extremely zippy – I had my photograph done at the Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (Ministry of Home Affairs), Sri Hartamas, the day before I went to get my passport renewed. You may choose to get yours done at any other photo shop too.

*Latest update is that the Immigration Passport office will take your digital photo (live capture), so you don’t need to bring your own photo. This is as of 19th March 2014.

2. Go Early

The Komplex Kementerian Dalam Negeri Sri Hartamas states that its opening hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, but if you show up at 7:30am, there will be a queue already. It pays to wake up at the crack of dawn and be early. I arrived at 7:15am, and parked my car inside (open air carpark) which is still free at the moment. I was in line and waiting by 7:20am, and this made me 17th in line. If you arrive late, the waiting time gets exponentially longer, due to human hick-ups and delays. Be early.


the queue outside..

3. Bring something to read

The passport section is on the 1st floor. They will not open the glass doors till 7:30am, but thankfully you are indoors in air-conditioning so just queue and wait patiently for them to do so. Bring something to read so you won’t be bored. Once the glass doors open, it took a mere 10 minutes for me to collect my docket number 1017 (17th person for the day).


the queue inside..

4. Have your photo and MyKad ready

At 7:45am, my number was called and I handed in my old passport, two photos and got my MyKad scanned. This was super speedy. Then sit back down and wait for them to call your number to pay.


it pays to come prepared..


wow.. they work so fast now, you can’t even see their hands 😛

5. Have cash ready

Once again my number was called and I payed RM300 for 5 years for my new passport (It’s RM100 for 2 years). They give you a slip after you have paid (don’t lose this – it is your receipt) and tell you to return in an hour to collect your new passport. You must show this receipt in order to collect your passport. Payment is by cash terms only.

*Latest update – RM200 for 5 years. Great news for all of us, as it is now cheaper! It is still Cash only terms.


6. Go have breakfast

There is a canteen on the ground floor. Go have breakfast – cheap, MSG laden, but acceptable tasting (what would you expect at a place like this!) Or, if your tastebuds are really so refined that you cannot suffer the canteen, just walk over to Publika and have your breakfast there, but be sure to come back in time to get your passport (don’t be the jerk whose number keeps getting called because you are off doing your thing, instead of being present to collect your passport!)


The canteen – Clean but I was in and out in a jiffy. Not the best ventilation, so I didn’t really want to stick around..

edible food, though hardly what you would call gourmet

7. Return to pick up your new passport

At 9am, I returned and waited a few minutes, and by then, my number was called again. Fantastic! All done and out of there by 9:08am, i.e. in approximately 1.5 hours.

Not bad at all!


Of course, the timing is crucial, when you decide to renew your passport, especially the time of year. Don’t go during the school holidays or peak season. Best to go, once everyone has left the country to go on holiday.


funny sign seen downstairs at the Bahagian Perkahwinan dan Penceraian (Marriage and Divorce)

My estimates are just a rough guide, and possibly the average time, during a moderately busy time of the year.

Good luck & happy Travels!

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National Registration Department,
FT of Kuala Lumpur
Level G Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Off Jalan Dutamas 1
50551 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62011106, 03-62011106
Fax: -03-62011108
GPS : N3 10.057 E101 40.057
Opening hours 8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday),
Breaks for 12:15 to 2:45pm on Fridays.


  • Choi Yen says:

    I had my passport renewal here too, it used to be open on SUnday 🙁

  • oooo, these will prove very helpful tips for many readers! i went to renew my passport just two or three weeks ago, at the pudu urban transformation center. i like it cos it opens till late, past office hours, and it was also fairly breezy since many people were still away for aidilfitri holidays. but yikes, i went to eat somewhere else and by the time i came back, they had passed my number and i had to sheepishly go to the counter to ask for it 😀

  • missyblurkit says:

    I did mine in under one hour. I guess it really depends on the season that one visits them.

    • ciki says:

      And that’s why we wrote is was a moderately busy time. You can’t always wait for a holiday period especially once your passport runs out! LOL

  • cquek says:

    thanks for the info.. mine is 2016

  • Annie Q says:

    Thank you for the info and sharing it. I need to bring my boys to renew their passports. *sweat* Hope will be a smooth one like yours.

  • Excellent information. The Malaysian International Passport is a valid travel document issued by the Malaysian Government for the purpose of travelling abroad. Thank you so much for your great post and pictures are really very awesome. Great post.

  • Kevin says:

    if I reach there at 4pm. will I still able to renew my passport? I can pick it up the next day if i need to.

    • ciki says:

      No because there are limited numbers you can take in one day. They finish giving out the numbers before noon, so, you have to be early.

  • Apple says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing! so is the photo shop there open at 8:00 am ?

    • ciki says:

      No, later than 8am. That’s why you should prepare your photos the day before. Either outside at a photo shop that knows the specifications, or at the immigration one.

  • odonata says:

    Hi, is the photo shop in the UTC or Pej Imigresen open on Sunday?

  • Ruben says:


    Wld jst like to state that today(23/12), their system has been up and down for 3 times already!!!

    Arrived about 720, got our number and then was informed that the system is not able to start up, after 1hr+. it was up…. But only for awhile and was down again….

    It’s 1220 and we still havent got our passports back…….

  • Carmen says:

    i heard some of my fren said that they are changing the system which we couldnt collect it at the same day .
    but i cant get thru their office number.
    do u know abt it ?

  • CHANDRA says:

    Hello, your guide was superb. I was there today at 7:05am got no 1015. While waiting for them to start calling ended up with “System is down and expected to be up soon”. I went for breakfast at 8:50am. Something was telling me that they started so quickly ate had a smoke and as going up the escalator at 9:30am & notice my no is being called. Had a quick run to submit which I did & jus seated to call my number to pay the payment & take a break. The number came to 1026 & stopped for while which I said something is weird. They announced it again “System is down……apologies for inconvenience”. There goes my day.
    All I did was just wait to see and I went to washroom, toilet…bla bla bla…freshen up & came back to see number continue again which was about 11:15am. Just went to payment counter to check as I say my the payment surpass my number & yes I manage to pay by 11:18am. I went again to the canteen order another teh tarik only to sit outside smoke and enjoy my drink for the next an hour plus.
    After 45 min at 12:10pm just took a slow walk & saw at Kaunter Serahan the number was 1018. Wow…I did my check again & it was ready. Collected my passport at 12:20pm & happily return to office to continue my work.
    All the SYSTEM DOWN caused a lot of people to wait & some to only go off somewhere else or return another day. WHAT A GREAT MONDAY IT COULD EVER BE.

  • Elina says:

    Hi, I have got a big issue,Can any one please help me?!I am so stressed!
    Due to delay of my university for applying to renew , now I have a problem, I am overstayed and the uni cant apply for me a special pass anymore as they were told that my student visa is under English course and not my bachelor program, so I have to go back to my country for 2 months which is basically my uni fault and I have no one in my country to stay with and no budget to go back. Now i have 10 days to do sth.

    Please let me know if you know anyone faced the same problem. Thank you !

    • ciki says:

      Thanks for your comment Elina – hope it all pans out for your.. shame about the uni though. Maybe you have an lawyer friend you can consult?

  • Trisha says:

    Now they use live capture. No need to waste money on pre-captured picture… I think this is free. I arrived at 8:18, I have 40 before me

    • Hero says:

      Thanks so much for the write up. I followed the tip and arrived at 7.00. I got number 15, got my new passport at 9.30. Not bad at all considering there were some hiccups in my process. I was confused which counter to go if since I have my own photo. Nope, live-capture is mandatory so head straight to the photo counter. I wish they had clearer instruction on the website. My Mykad cannot be read so I had to go downstairs to JPN to get a temporary IC. Overall I am impress with the wait time at both offices and the staff are polite and helpful. The public toilet however is really disgusting due to water problem in KL during this time

      • ciki says:

        Ah yes.. how I wish we had the live-capture back then when I did it! But I guess they will keep tweaking and improving the services, which is a good thing. However,I agree the toilets leave a lot to be desired.

  • S T Tong says:

    Latest update is that the Immigration Passport office will take your digital photo, so you don’t need to bring your own photo. This is as of 19th March 2014.

  • Nadia says:

    I followed all your little tips and i got mine in 0.5hrs! Not bad huh? Thank you so much! 😀 😀

  • Esther says:

    Thanks for your information. Let me share my experience over here. I reached KDN at 7.35am, still have alot of parking. However, the running numbers are moving quite fast. Just heading straight to the camera counter to capture photo (Make sure that you are in short queue, otherwise you will need to wait longer time to get the passport!). Then take the number and wait to be call. Around 15mins, my number was call and i pass my IC and old passport for processing. Once again wait to the same number to perform payment. After payment made, i can get my passport at 9.30am. ^_^

  • ELAINE says:

    Hi…My passport expiry date is 18 Nov. 2014. My flight is at 4 May 2014. Should I renew my passport?

    • ciki says:

      Yes definitely, I would. Because some countries are stricter than others. Though technically it’s 6 months, but by the time you return it might be less, so yeah.

  • JY says:

    Thanks for your post, I really need it at this hour. Words can’t express how grateful I am your post.

  • missyK says:

    I’m traveling this coming week and just realised that my passport is expiring in Nov! Getting it done tomorrow and your post is definitely helpful. Thanks! Cheers.

  • Ray Sze says:

    Good stuff mate! If you have the latest info on the requirements (e.g. passport photo), you wanna update this post. Cheers!

  • Marcus Chan says:

    Hey guys, anyone can help me? I need to travel by tomorrow midnight and i just wonder my passport it is expired on august, I would like to renew in the morning of saturday, is them open on SATURDAY?

  • Puri says:

    I went to renew my passport at the above mentioned place, and yes it did take me about 1.5 hours!
    I was pleasantly surprised at its efficiency and the improved services so kudos.
    And thanks for your write-up page and its comments otherwise I would have wasted my time taking photos before making a trip there.

  • Nang says:

    Hi Ciki,
    My MyCard is is not readible, as the chip has been spoilt for a while. Will it affect the application process?

  • Shah says:

    Which can speed up d process… Take photo at photo shop or immigration?

    • ciki says:

      Hi Shah. If you read our updates (highlighted in blue), you don’t need to take a photo anymore. Just go and they will take it for you on the spot. Thanks

  • j. paul says:

    is the camera counter operating all over Malaysia?

  • CS Ong says:


    Upon renewal of passport, do they return the old passport to you? Reason I am asking is becos’ my son working visa & flight itinerary is based on old passport number. Thanks.

    • ciki says:

      Yes of course.

      • Megan says:

        Ciki… fabulous blog that has helped many..I’m residing overseas but will return to KL shortly to renew my 5 year old’s passport. you know if both parent’s need to go to passport renewal office to get a child’s passport renewal…or any suggestions on which office I should ring to find out? Thanks again..Cheers

  • waiting like crazy says:

    Just to share. Really have to go very early like 7am to queue up for an hour or so. I heard others queue by 6am. Today is a friday and they have on 90 numbers to give away. I was no 59th, the 2nd last person who made it for.morning session. I was there by 7am. Already there is a queue. When it opens (tHE Jabatan Pendaftaran in Puchong Utama), by the time I got the number, it was 8.30am. I have to fill out a simple form bring it to 1st floor after 1030am to take photo (free) and then wait another 10minutes to pay in the next counter. I waited until 11.30am to reach my turn to snap a mugshot. By the time I paid, it was 12noon. I was told to come back at 2.45pm to pick up the passport. 1st go to the main counter to collect a new nunber. Go to 1st floor again and wait for another 10mins (apparently).to get it. So..conclusion it is a full day job to get your passport out in Puchong. 1 hour? …Har….and for number 61 to 90,they come at 2.45pm and wait to take their photos by 4.30pm. I suppose they wont get their passport until next week then.
    I tried Plaza Glomac yesterday, obviously i arrive 8.30am. Queue was so long I didnt bother to line up. A month back I tried Putrajaya (new white building next to Alliance bank- building has no name but near Jabatan Pendaftaran)- of course I got there 9am. NO CHANCE.. number habis!. I was the unlucky one. I HEARd others got into the kiosk in putrajaya and got it done in an hour.

  • Miss Anna says:

    Hi. Any that open on Saturday? coz i really need to renew my passport.

  • Sha Snow says:

    Oh Yes they do.. Some are open on Sundays. Kelana Jaya, Shah Alam, a few that I know. But only half day la..Timing is everything. Last time renew my hubby went in March, went at 2.15 pm, and got the passport at 4pm. Assume it will be the same all the time.. went to get passport for my baby.. 3 TIMES came back because ‘NO HABIS’. Weekend – just forget it, you wont get your number even if you are there at 8 am, its very limited.
    So peak times which is year end of course – don’t go on weekends or Fridays, Pick regular day and be there by 7am. Finally i manage to get it done on the 4th visit today morning. Was there at 6.45am.. Already have 4 people waiting standby for other family members/friends. Sigh…All done at 11am (I was the 11th on line).

  • george says:

    Hi Ciki, I reside outside Peninsula Malaysia. I plan to arrive at KL airport at 9.30 am on 3 November 2015 (Tuesday). What is my chance of renewing my passport on the same day? Which passport office should I go to have the best chance of getting it done smoothly? Appreciate any tip you can share!

  • Mitch Ismail says:

    I just got back from JPN Plaza Glomac in Kelana Jaya. My number 1209 at around 1.30pm and was called 10mins later for photo (it’s free!). I have to wear provided jacket/coat since I’m wearing white shirt today (they said have to wear darker shirt and I bet you wouldn’t want to wear the same jacket 100s ppl wore before you!). then 5 mins later went to payment counter and the guy asked to come back 1hr later to pick up the renewed passport. Since I went during lunch time, I just waited inside. And voila! Mine done at around 2.20pm and I was on my back to the office alrdy! ^.^

  • Lyna says:

    the passport number will be the same when we renew our passport? I asked my friend but then they also not sure bout it.

  • Tempat2an says:

    Hi Ciki, despite it being a bit aged, I think your blog is useful to provide info to the uninitiated. I think the info about whether we’d have to bring along our own regulation-compliant photos, the price for a 5-year renewal, and the need to fill up a form would make it more helpful. Nonetheless, it certainly makes for easier reading*. In addition to the commentary posted, a somewhat reasonable account of this renewal process can be obtained. Thanks again for your help, and to the growing success of your blog.

  • Tempat2an says:

    Hi Ciki, I thought I’d post an update to my comment above and share the experience after renewing my passport today.
    I arrived at 2pm at the same Hartamas centre you highlighted. I joined the queue to the counter in the middle of their office to get a number. About 20 people were already lining up, and it took me about 10 minutes to get to the counter. The officer cursorily checked that I had the requisites: in my case, the (old) passport and my IC, and assigned me a number. My number was called about 30 minutes later. I went up to a counter called ‘kaunter PMA’ and handed over my passport and IC. They checked the details of my passport and IC. While at it, I changed my listed address as it was different to that stated on the IC. They then took my mug shot. From facing the officer, one had to swivel the chair either to the left or right to face a camera. Since I am not too photogenic, the kind officer in attendance took my pic 3 times. Interspersed between all this was the need to make a couple of thumbprint verifications (biometrically) and ink thumbprinting a printed form, all of which took about 10 minutes. After a further 10 minutes, we were called in batches to approach a counter to pay. I mentioned that I wanted a renewal for 5 years. All the officers I had said this to, including the one processing the payment, were nonchalant about it. Most probably it’s because the price is now much more affordable at RM200, and it is a choice by default. She then told me as a matter-of-fact that I’d be able to get my new passport one hour after paying. I got it an hour after precisely.
    Our pics are taken digitally now, of course. This makes for better quality and process control, for e.g., no baring of teeth, size of the picture, colour of the picture (now black and white), white background, less paper handling, etc. For the applicant, this makes it so much more convenient; it’s a saving of time, effort and expense. Our faces now literally fill the whole photo, with little clothing showing on the side. Those who suited up would show only their collars at best; the lapels are not visible, and based on my mug, even the knob of a tie would not show. Those who wore turtle necks looked reasonably respectable as well. 12 out of the 26 counters are PMA-type counters, meaning they are equipped with cameras. I imagine that on an exceptionally busy day, near a school holiday for example, this would be more than sufficient capacity to cater to the crowd.
    If not for a friend I happened to meet there, I was have been done in two hours. On a randomly chosen day such as this, other than the passport falling within its 6-month window to expiry, I must say that it is good that KDN (Kementrian Dalam Negeri) has maintained and improved their standard of service at this branch from the time this blog was first written. Kudos and syabas!

    • ciki says:

      Awesome, thanks for the feedback. My husband renewed his today, and it was indeed RM200! Better for everyone, now that it is CHEAPER! Blog has been updated!

  • Joker Lim says:

    How many months early that I need to renew my passport?
    Mine expiry is on this coming dec 2015…

  • ConductorSun says:

    Other than hartamas & putrajaya, where else I can renew my passport? Any place near sunway/subang can renew?

  • Julie says:

    I renewed my passport on 22 Nov 2015 (Saturday). It was the first day of school holidays. I went to the immigration office in Kelana Jaya. Started queueing at 6.35 a.m. and there were already 30 people in the line before me. Office opens at 8 a.m. By 7.50 a.m., there were about 200+ people in the long queue.

    8.05 a.m. – Got my number (#1031)
    8.35 a.m.- number called, went to counter to take photo (no need to bring own photos)
    8.56 a.m.- number called, went to pay RM200 for 5 years’ validity
    9.00 a.m.- went out of the office, rested in my car. There’s a mamak shop there though.
    9.50 a.m.- went back to the office, waited in line to collect passport (need to pass the receipt to office and wait for your name to be called)
    10.30 a.m.- collected passport; went home

  • Andrew says:

    Hi …I desperately need your advice and help. My daughter’s passport has gone expired on 5 Nov 15 this year and I want to renew it now. What are the procedures and how much is it to renew a passport for a 7 year old child? Is there a fine due to past expiry date and what are the documents needed to bring along? Thks for your help.

    • ciki says:

      As far as I know, there is no penalty for expired passports. Just renew it as per normal and the fees will be stated clearly at the immigration counter.

  • Kelly says:

    Hi, do you happen to know if they’re open on this coming weekend? Cuz I remember they used to open on few of the weekends during end of the year few years back ><

  • jian says:

    Thanks so much. Very informative. 🙂

  • Calvin Siaw says:

    Where is the nearest place to renew my passport at subang jaya?

  • Daisy says:

    Thank you Ciki and all who updated. This is much more informative than the website itself, sad to say…

  • Patrick says:

    I get it that passport renewal has to be by 6 months before expiry, but what is the earliest it can be renewed? Can it be renewed one year before expiry, 18 months before, or when is the earliest possible renewal? Thanks for any help.

  • Eric says:

    Hi Ciki

    I lost my mycad

    Is a police report sufficient for renewal of passport ?

  • Anthony says:

    HELP! I just realized I lost my passport…but I don’t know WHEN I lost it as it’s been YEARS since I last used it…what should I do??? I need to be in Manila THIS 10th so I have 5 days…SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!! *Desperate*

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