Touching the Hem of the Glenlivet Garment

Whilst the five armies battle rages on at the Lonely Mountains of Erebor, the Guardians of Glenlivet descended upon the Royal Hills of Bangsar.

They arrived to attend a soiree, at a custom clothier, to celebrate the grand Glenlivet lifestyle. This would be the final Glenlivet Guardians event for 2014.


We shed our armors and traded our weapons for evening attire, to attend a function where the fine tailors of Wardrobe would impart their knowledge on the finest fabrics and exclusive custom designs for nobility and gentry to dress in.

All around the venue, there were a variety of elegant ready to wear, and made to order suits and shirts, for the gentleman and the gentlewoman. Neckties, bow ties,  scarves, cummerbunds, cuff-links and a host of accessories were on display. Ready to be attached to any smart attire.

A master tailor imparts his knowledge on the finest woven materials available and which designs and trends to complement the ideal occasion

Made to order or made to measure are garments produced from existing block patterns. Customers have less control on the suit making process compared to a fully bespoke suit. If pre-fabricated suits do not make the cut for your body shape and size then a bespoke or fully handmade suit would offer the perfect fit.


The evening with its decadent attire and venue would not have been complete without single malt whiskys of Glenlivet. All Guardians and guests imbibed jubilantly, the golden elixirs of 12, 15 and 18 years throughout the evening. As the attendees succumbed to the distinct and delicate complex characters of the spirits created from the natural resources of Scottish Highlands, matured in American and European oak casks, the party became livelier with stories of triumphant battles and humorous tales collected from distant travels and trade.


special barbecued lamb added fuel to the interactions


Special edition Glenlivet whiskys

In 2014, the Guardians of Glenlivet had gathered to taste the unique salmon ice cream, eat premium seafood from the ocean, and received the best grooming from the oldest barber in the world. What does 2015 hold for the appreciators of the incomparable one single malt whisky that started it all? Follow us to find out more.

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