Asian Inspired Cuisine @ Midi 57

After that fantastic dinner at Le Midi Bangsar, it was time to pay Midi 57 a visit, on Jalan Bangkung.

This being the sister restaurant and all that, and us being huge fans of the ever so accomplished Chef Andrea Alimenti, we were rather looking forward to sampling their latest Asian inspired menu.


Midi 57 is located strategically on a corner lot of Jalan Bangkung – I like the casual atmosphere and friendly staff. Their specialities are Italian favourites such as the Traditional Wood Oven Pizza and Homemade Pastas, so we were curious to see how their Asian dishes would fare.


 Absinthe cocktails for lunch… too early for the green fairy perhaps? 

 Cocktails are also a specialty here at Midi 57, and there’s no better way to get started, than with a refreshing liquorice laced Absinthe cocktail, aptly named the Green Fairy (absinthe,creme de menthe), especially since liquorice is good for the digestive system!


Grilled Scallops and shrimp with vegetables and marinated in soya sauce served with fried rice

These sweet and tender scallops as well as super fresh shrimp were a great choice for the grill. The highlight of this dish was the thin wafers of sweet potato fries which were lightly salted. It went so well with the grilled seafood.


Roasted Lamb with spices served with cous cous

Loved the presentation of this dish, and how the meat had been removed from the bone, but what I loved more, was gnawing at the ribs, which had some nicely charred fatty lamb bits on it. What can I tell you? Gorgeous melt in the mouth lamb with nice light cous cous – not as stodgy as your typical roast and served with Asian flavoured sauces – this dish went perfect with cocktail no.2.. Birds of Paradise –  lovely refreshing flavours of orange,pineapple,vodka,grenadine,dash of lemonade & passion fruit.


Japtay soup with raw seafood served with shitake mushroom and sesame seaweed

This Japanese fusion dish was served in a bowl and later, a clear broth was added to it. I love squid ink pasta for its shocking color and extra dimension of flavor; the squid ink adds salty, ocean-y notes to the dish. The linguine which was perfectly al dente, obscured a bed of raw seafood, such as prawns, scallops and salmon.


Digging into the dish, we uncovered all sorts of surprises.. Loved the shitake mushroom and sesame seaweed which added a nice crunch to each mouthful as well.


Cocktail no. 3 – the Love Potion – cream,kahlua,pineapple,grenadine .. hard not to fall in love with it! 


Chicken Curry Served with rice

This dish was just so-so for me. The Curry lacked spices that you learn to anticipate in a good thick Indian curry. Would have loved more spices, not necessarily heat, in it.


Hot Seafood Salad with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar

The thing that made this salad stand out was the use of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar that brought depth and zing in it.  The crunch from the cucumbers and carrots were superb. It was strange that they served this last, as I would have loved to have had it, as a starter.


Dessert – Tender Heart – Chocolate coated ice-cream and chocolate truffle…

Double your chocolate, and double your pleasure! One of the better bitter-sweet and dense truffle I have had in a while. The ice-cream reminded me of a cornetto – stuff that we used to clamour for as kids.. and even now. And with that sinful chocolate dessert we concluded lunch.



Midi 57, spacious, airy and relaxed. A great location and vibe for lunch or dinner.

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Midi 57 Restaurant & Bar
57 Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3°08’17.7″N 101°40’07.4″E
Tel: 03-2095 1381


  • The Yum List says:

    Ooh, dessert is making me drool.

  • Christy says:

    What a scrumptious meal; all just so striking and inviting even in the visuals! 🙂
    Cocktails, creative fusion dishes and decadent desserts, ahhh, just the perfect way to enjoy a weekend as they draw that picture of a vacation! Oh wait, this is in Bangsar, but still, indulgence never stops anywhere eh? 😀
    I like to see creativity gets ahead of the modern chefs these days as they spice up the traditional or everyday Asian fare with their very own style and of course, that free flow of juicy inspirations to tempt our appetites 😉

  • Victoria says:

    I don’t know how you manage to stay so slim CC. 🙂 These dishes are divine, especially the seafood and lamb. Food porn all the way!

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