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Le Midi might not be the newest restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Center (and I remember back in the day, when we used to visit this place in 2010) but it certainly still has an exciting and surprisingly accomplished menu.


unusual deco – the Nautilus greets patrons to Le Midi

The establishment’s best dish, to my mind, is the simple Poached egg over deep fried caramelised eggplant which Chef Andrea Alimenti crowns in classic Florentine style, with salty nuggets of parmesan shavings and a single, vividly orange, runny poached egg yolk spilling over its crusty edges when you broke it.


Eggplant nest with truffle egg yolk and parmesan cheese

The unobtrusive, underrated Le Midi offers similarly hefty carnivorous specialties such as the Tenderloin with foeigras & fig sauce which will be good enough for any meat eater, this side of town. There’s something for everyone at Le Midi, including artfully composed cocktails such as the strawberry daiquiri, and well thought out wine-food pairing recommendations.


Varieties of pastas for carb-loving Italian traditionalists, and a delicately, multilayered mille feuille for those with sweet tooths that tastes like something you’d find during holiday season in one of the more respectable restaurants around old Firenze. But few downtown operations pack more range, ­variety, and essential Italian goodness into one space these days than Le Midi.


Tagliolini in saffron butter whiskey salmon cream and crunchy almonds paired with the Secret Berticot Rosé


Eggplant nest with truffle egg yolk and parmesan cheese that paired well with a Strawberry daiquiri 

This simple starter was my favourite dish for the night. The pieces of eggplant shrink impressively but what is left is actually quite sweet and succulent on the inside, crispy and caramalized on the outside. Once the poached egg is pierced, the golden runny yolk does it’s job of soaking the eggplant in a dizzying richness that’s hard to describe. And if you think you can’t get any higher, truffle oil helps you reach that peak in no time!


Secret Berticot Sauvignon Blanc paired with the with Mozzarella Ravioli in Tomato consommé

Of all the deliciously fresh pasta dishes that night, this dish was my personal favourite. Chewy, puffed up mozzarella ravioli in a sauce that tastes fantastic – very Italian, very classic. Loved every bite (but there were only 4!)


Tagliolini in saffron butter whiskey salmon cream and crunchy almonds, Secret Berticot Rosé to complement

I read somewhere that Tagliolini is a type of Italian pasta typically from Emilia-Romagna (a region in the center of Italy). It is delicate, long and cylindrical, and ever so tasty – perfect for mopping up rich sauces. This pasta dish was good, but I would have preferred more salt (a little bland) and for the pasta to have been cooked more al dente. The Rosé was an OK pair for this dish, but the Sauvignon Blanc was better. We quickly swapped our glass of Rosé for the white soon after.


Barramundi with Pistachio butter, spinach and basil paired with a rather floral and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc

This fish had a mild, buttery flavor and a rather moist texture. The barramundi (known as the sustainable sea bass) is natural, mercury-free and with beneficial omega-3s! We should all eat Barramundi more often I think!  A lemon butter sauce can make just about anything taste good, but use Pistachio butter in its place atop a barramundi fillet and it will be the best fit ever, for this succulent fish. Super tasty stuff.


Tenderloin in old Madeira sauce with Foie Gras & fig sauce, washed down with a nice smooth, velvety red Bordeaux from Chateau Pouroutou

These bite-sized tenderloin packed a massive punch in terms of flavour, and if there’s anything more decadent than a foiegras-fig sauce, let it speak now, or forever hold its peace. (Silence…)


wow.. did we really put away that many bottles of wine;)

Le Midi BSC

A great selection of desserts.. my favourite being the  mille feuille with Chantilly cream and caramel (top left). 

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Vanilla panacotta and strawberry coulis, Chocolate fondente and mini chocolate cup, Chocolate tender heart with Amarena cherry parfait, and Orange cheesecake and chocolate drawing as well.


the ever so accomplished Chef Andrea Alimenti.. his hometown is well known for one of my favourite steaks – the Steak Florentine!

Two of the restaurants Chef Alimenti worked in in Florence received a Michelin Star as did his own restaurant Acquamatta, which also received excellent reviews in gastronomic guide books.

What a great night. Absolutely enjoyed the food and terrific company- thanks @fatboybakes for organizing and Melissa for hosting us. You’ve just rekindled our love for Le Midi!

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Le Midi Restaurant
3rd Floor, East Wing, Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2094 1318


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