The McGriddle makes its debut in Singapore!!
Mc Who?
Well, just imagine fluffy mini hotcakes laced with maple syrup sandwiching MacDonald’s classic breakfast sausage patty, cheese and egg !
Oooooo… it kills me. Sweet laced with savory, or savory laced with sweet (interchangeable delirium!) … how mad.. how sinful.. i WANT.
(Don’t care.. we are driving down to Sing, this weekend:P)


  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    yes, the little griddle is all over the radio and tv…i’ve not tried it myself though. heard it’s quite good…i still prefer my BigMac and Filet-O-Fish though…hehe…

  • nat says:

    Oh I have mine with bacon…. Too good!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    nic: i love maple syrup! and i love the MacD’s bfast… so this is lk a dream.. but i wish i didn’t hv2 drive to spore to get the mc griddle.. i wonder if they courier.. hahaha

    nat: ooooo… i would probably like mine with bacon too! i know u guys get PORK in the states.. too bad la.. will probably be beef bacon here.. arrrrgh..

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