The Mexican Fiesta @ InterContinental KL, 1st – 15th April 2013

Mexican food lovers, rejoice.. here comes the Mexican Fiesta!

In the month of April, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur together with KLM and the Embassy of Mexico in Malaysia will be bringing a unique food festival to you. From 1-15 April 2013 two extraordinary Mexican Chefs will be specially flown in from Presidente InterContinental Mexico to cook up an authentic Mexican Feast. Get ready for a Mexican Fiesta of tacos, quesadillas, cactus (nopales) salad, pambazos, enchiladas, tamales, huaraches, barbacoa and even carnitas..


Those native to Mexico pride themselves in using natural, from the earth, local ingredients that generations before them grew up using. The ingredients that they could easily access were the main staples in their cuisine. Mexican food cuisine dates back almost 9000 years.


Staples for the Mayans included a variety of different types of squash and sweet potatoes, local animals and insects, and any types of fruits or vegetables that were wild and could be harvested. 16 th century Mayans ingested only 1200 calories a day, comparable to the average American today, which eats around 2700 calories.


In order to get their proper nutrition from their diet, they would include any types of protein they could find. This included maize and beans, as well as ants and other insects, which are good sources of protein.. err, but I am not sure they will be serving those at the Intercontinental KL this time round! There will however be more than you can digest Guacamole-tortilla chips (love them avocado tomato dips!), and also enchiladas – tortillas filled with a variety of different meats, cheeses or veges and baked. And my all time favourite – Empenadas.. pastries that are filled commonly with fruits, and less commonly with meats. Authentic Mexican dishes are somewhat difficult to come by in KL, and I am most certainly looking forward to this event and seeing what visiting Mexican Chefs Tania Gonzalez and Salvador Vasquez have in store for us.


demo on how to make a tortilla


it’s all in the wrists.. and the batter!


perfect O !


add cheese, meat and whatever catches your fancy..


pan fry it with olive oil




don’t forget the spicy tomato relish ..


Conor Hadlington makes a mean margarita

The only thing that sounds like more fun than eating Mexican food is drinking Mexican drinks! Mexican beers, sangrias, and tequilas are so popular that they are the gateway to a good time at any dinner get together. After you’ve munched on chips and salsa at a couple of parties, why not take the leap to tamales and empanadas, or to cactus salad, the next time you’re looking for an accompaniment to that icy, salt rimmed margarita that Conor has so expertly made just for you;)


Love Mexican food and tequila? Be sure to check out the Mexican Fiesta in April then;)

These exciting events are RM82++ per person for the Mexican Fiesta Lunch and RM98++ per person for the Mexican Fiesta Dinner. For reservations, call Serena Brasserie at 03 2782 6228 or email the team at [email protected].


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