Sid’s @ Bangsar South

We pay Sid’s a visit for lunch, to try their famous pub grub!

Entering Sid’s, you can’t help but like it straight away. None of that dark and dank, pub smell present and Sid’s goes a bit lighter even. The standard pub grub and draft offerings are on hand, and a cherrywood bar extends from the middle to the back of the room, meaning this place is serious about their booze. One might choose from booths, a plethora of seats at the long bar or, best of all, the al fresco, perfect for catching a harley davidson or two, rumble past, or for watching the bangsar south traffic pass by with a pint and a smoke.


Sid’s Pub Bangsar South opened its doors in May 2009 and it is definitely more spacious than the first Sid’s in TTDI. Sid’s is well known for hosting the ‘Swingers’ who take over a section of the pub each week for a spot of toe-tapping, body swinging fandango. The atmosphere is lively, the people are quick to strike up a conversation with you, even if you are a stranger, and the beer is fresh and free-flowing. Sid’s is a great place to chill out on the weekends for brunch and catch up with friends over mugs of frosty chilled beer.


green pea and ham soup

I remember, studying in the UK, that green pea & ham soup was, a good way to use leftover ham, quite inexpensive, and really rather tasty. Some of my house-mates liked to add carrots or other types of vegetables but I liked it with just plain pea.

The green pea ham soup at Sid’s had a lovely vibrant colour, it retained all of its sweetness and flavour, and the shredded ham added a satisfying depth and texture to the broth. Eating this with buttered bread toasted in the oven is the best thing on earth.


Smoother than a baby’s bottom.. Guinness, and for the man, Strongbow


Sunday roast with yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, and vegetables

The roast beef at Sid’s wasn’t my favourite. The meat came out hard and I suspect it was because it was cooked well done though we asked for medium rare. The yorkshire pudding was delicious – slightly sweet and custardy rather than airy and doughy – well I’m actually partial towards Yorkshire pudding so I wasn’t complaining. I like all forms, shape and sizes of Yorkshire!


fish and chips

Fish and chips – again a little dry, but the flavour was good. With such a nice crunchy batter, the cod should have been moist and greasy, just like how it’s done in the UK.


steak and kidney pie

The highlight of lunch for me, was the steak and kidney pie.

Made with a gorgeous, buttery, pastry, this steak and kidney pie was filled with succulent cuts of diced beef, diced kidney, fried onions, and then drenched in a thick, brown gravy. The gravy was terrific too, made from a salted beef broth flavoured with Worcestershire sauce and black pepper, and thickened corn starch. My only lament was that the gravy did not contain ale nor Guinness!


drench your pie in sauce…


dig into the meaty kidney and steak bits inside – this pie was chock full of meat!


the pork burger


The pork burger that comes with a runny sunny side up egg and a huge sides of chips, is to die for. A must order at Sid’s.


mushroom and cheese dip with toast – another great snack that pairs well with beer


Split green peas- the best sort. This was the best sides dish we had at Sid’s – super flavourful peas that retained its texture. Another must order

In our opinion, Sid’s pub has definitely grown from strength to strength and it deserves its reputation for good pub grub, honest prices and a friendly, open-minded crowd. I like Sid’s because it is clean, airy and produces some terrific draft beer. Oh, and them awesome kidney pies..!

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Sid’s Pub
Bangsar South,
M-5A The Village, Bangsar South,
2 Jalan 1/112H, Off Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur 59200.
Tel: +603- 2287 7437


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