Cocktail Hour @ One Six Five, InterContinental KL

New bar manager and mixologist Conor Hadlington has elevated the cocktail program at One Six Five to new heights. He has included in his repertoire of cocktails, a bit from the old world as well as the new.


Conor Hadlington and his team of talented bartenders can be found behind the bar at One Six Five, creating some exciting fruit-infused flavored cocktails –

connor2you should try, from the Creative Concoctions List – the Master’s Flame which is a mixture of absolute citron vodka, ginger syrup, coriander, red chili and lime juice; the Stately Romance which is mixed with Earl Grey, bombay sapphire, rose syrup, lychee puree and lemon juice; the Feijoa Fizz which is combined with 42 below feijoa vodka, belvoir elderflower cordial and sparkling wine; or form the Classics List – try the Negroni which combines bombay sapphire gin, campari, carpano antic vermouth; the Old Fashioned which is essentially maker’s bourbon, bitters, sugar orange and lemon twist, or if you’re like me and love your margarita’s try the Grand Margarita which is made with patron silver tequila, grand marnier, lime juice and sugar syrup.

So whether you’re into sweet, spicy, tart or cool you’re probably going to find a cocktail that you’ll like here at One Six Five. They’ll even be pairing these gorgeous, intoxicating sips with finger food by Chef Darrell O’Neill. This should make the sampling off cocktails go down easier.. and with something so delicious in your stomach , you’re going to want to stay on and on.

And so you should..


the Master’s Flame

With the One Six Five Jazz Quartet playing from 7pm onwards, this is indeed the ideal place to kick back with cocktails and spend the evening lounging in those comfortable big chairs at One Six Five whilst listening to the big, big tunes of the Jazz Quartet!


the One Six Five Jazz Quartet


the Master’s Flame and Feijoa Fizz


the stately romance


the Old Fashioned (L) and the Negroni (R)


the Negroni is an awesome cocktail. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you like Campari and the bitterness that comes with it, you will love the Negroni


the added bonus is the lemon and orange rind that comes with the Negroni (strategically placed on top of the glass, not in the drink) – if you inhale deeply while sipping your cocktail, it actually elevates the experience. Not sure if it was on purpose but we credit Conor for this!


the grand margarita


prawn fritters


mini wagyu burger sliders


chicken teriyaki sticks


meatballs, mash potatoes and garlic bread


wanton and crab fritters


Crab Croquettes.. and a whole load of other delectable tapas dishes, courtesy of Chef Darrell O’Neill

At One Six Five, you may choose to enjoy the new tapas style menu offerings, quietly sip on a cup of freshly brewed Illy coffee or perhaps just find a quiet corner to stay in touch with colleagues and friends. Come evenings, relax in chic surroundings and listen to the sounds of smooth live jazz whilst enjoying a whisky, beer or craft cocktail. One Six Five is not just an address, it’s the location to indulge, and now with Conor on the team, cocktail hour just got better!

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