Movie Review – Alpha and Omega

THE PLOT: Humphrey (voice of Justin Long), an Omega wolf, has fallen in love with Kate (voice of Hayden Panettiere), an Alpha wolf who’s the daughter of the pack’s leader, Winston (voice of Danny Glover).

The Omega wolf pack’s leader, Tony (voice of Dennis Hopper) persuades Winston to unite the two packs during a foot shortage in order to avoid an imminent war between both packs. Winston arranges a marriage between Kate and Tony’s macho son, Garth (voice of Chris Carmack), but Kate doesn’t truly love him. Before the marriage takes place, though, park rangers all-of-a-sudden capture Humphrey and Kate and ship them from Canada to a park in Idaho where they’re supposed repopulate.

It’s now up to Humphrey and Kate to find a way to get back home before a war commences between the Alpha and Omega packs. Marcel (voice of Larry Miller), a French Canadian goose, helps them throughout their long trek. Christina Ricci provides the voice of Lilly, Kate’s younger sister whom Garth falls in love in the meantime. Co-screenwriters Chris Denk and Steve Moore combine action adventure, drama and comic relief in ways that will entertain all ages.

We liked:

The scenes during which Garth tries to howl, unsuccessfully, have funny consequences. Marcel the goose, with his French accent, has some hilarious, clever one-liners that adults can appreciate. At its very core, Alpha and Omega is a heartwarming story with a classic narrative arc that can be found in many tales involving an awkward male underdog who’s truly destined to be together with a female who’s out of his league. You’ll find Humphrey and Kate’s journey to be thrilling, delightful and enchanting. It will win your heart. Sure, the plot is predictable, but what’s wrong with following a predictable formula as long as it’s well directed and enjoyable?

We did not like:

For most of us, having been served with animation magic from Pixar and Dreamworks will find much of it lacking in A&O. More effort could have been placed  on facial expressions, and body textures. It doesn’t do justice to such a great cast of actors and actresses. It’s odd for this movie to go on the big screen when we felt it should have gone straight to video.

Who should watch this film:

The best thing we can write about “Alpha and Omega” is that the tale is simple enough that children ages 5, 6, and maybe even a touch younger can follow it. Parents with restless, animal-loving children will love this show;)

Thank you to Nusantara Edaran Filem Sdn Bhd for the invite to preview “Alpha and Omega”. This show starts on September the 30th at all GSC.

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