The Haute Food Co.

There is an element of mystery about chance meetings

Nothing is by coincidence in this world

What we see is not all that is happening

Unseen forces are at work everywhere

Sewing the threads of preordained design

Hidden from view from before time

Reach out and touch what is meant to be

Before its too late to become part of the view

Sail you boat over the faraway horizon

And you will be surprised at whats in store

Unfolding beauties on every shore

That dazzle the eye set firm and true

So experience the feel of every moment

Understand and trust the gentle flow

That brings you and I into view

Tis the fulcrum that angels employ

Discerning souls of the select

Brought together to fulfill the secret plan

– by Peter Paton

Haute Food Co

So today, unexpectedly, I bumped into an old friend from school..

Had I not ventured into The Haute Food Co, I would have missed her and her little boy altogether..

Haute Food Co1

We chatted and caught up in just under 20 minutes whilst waiting for the food to arrive.

It was really great seeing her and her gorgeous little boy again, after so long. I realized that with schedules sometimes chalked in so tight, you cannot see the green-board, I really need to slow down and make time to catch up with old friends.

Ah.. yes.. back to The Haute Food Co.. I had read about this place on Masak-masak’s blog not too long ago. Delectable Su and I had wanted to come here but it just didn’t happen.

Today, I would meet A lil Fat Monkey for lunch and as luck would have it, chanced upon an old friend without expecting to. What a streak of good luck. I feel like October is my month.. am really on a roll.


Berry delicious specials! (with berries, lemon, mint leaves in soda.. really just like a berry version of the citron pressé)

So, where is this place exactly.. ? Firstly, this place ain’t easy to find. If you think Plaza Damas is straight forward, think again. Me, being directionally challenged and all, arrived at least a good half hour before A lilFatmonkey , which was just as well, because, I managed to get lost a couple of times before I found BLOCK H.


Daily Specials – Roast Beef Sandwich at RM13.50

Then came the SMS.. “Did you find it Ciki?”

And at least, I could proudly SMS back “Yeap, hurry up and get you a** over here, I am hungry!”


Monkey eats his sandwich with great gusto

Block H, as it turns out, is on the other side of the block that faces Starbucks.

Here is the easiest way to find the place.

Exit Hartamas shopping Center at Starbucks. Turn right and walk down till you see Rakuzen.

Cross over to the next block. And THAT , would be block H.

The Haute Food Co. is midway down the block and the place is normally packed.

A lilFatmonkey arrives in time to dig into his delicious Roast Beef Sandwich.


The one that got away..

According to him, this is one of the better roast beef sandwiches he has eaten in a long time. Since I steal a bite from him, I really have to agree. It’s good.


Daily Specials – Roast Chicken and Pilaf rice at just RM15.90

My Roasted Chicken Pesto with Pilaf Rice is nothing short of awesome either. Pilaf or Pilau is a dish in which a rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. In some cases, the rice may also attain its brown color by being stirred with bits of burned onion, nuts, as well as a large mix of spices. I just love it for the explosions of crunch and sweetness that blend so well the Pesto chicken.

This dish is lightly cooked, low in sodium and hugely satisfying. Highly recommended as a meal before hitting the gym later in the day. The low grease and low processing is what really prevents you from feeling sluggish after the meal. A wonderful creation not to be missed.


Lemon poppy berry tartlets with ice-cream

Desserts here are good – so I read on Masak-masak. She was right!


A deliciously tart dessert that will not leave you felling heavy. The sour berries and the sweet, smooth ice-cream are the perfect end to a perfect meal. I don’t know about you, but I am nuts about poppy seeds in my muffins or tartlets. Totally bonkers.

The Haute Food Co.
H-0-2, Block H
Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 3168
Google Maps


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