Top 10 Tipples in New Orleans

.. and where to find them.

I was happy when I heard from the Concierge downstairs of the Sheraton that New Orleans is dubbed “Top 10 Best Drinking cities in America”. I set out to put this claim to the test.

Below is my list of recommendations – to get toppled by tipple.. (should getting plastered take your fancy!)

This being my last day and all, I was totally prepared to get hammered.

1. HURRICANE at Pat O’Brien’s


The hurricane is a lethal drink. It looks all rosy and mild. Like a chick’s drink.

Trust me, it’s not.

2 glasses and I was floored!


Pat O’brien’s is famous for the dueling pianists. For a small tip, they will play just about anything! They take turns playing – a rely of sorts on the grand piano, and each tries to out do the other. You can see the huge mirror that spans the room, reflecting the two pianist and the keyboard.


Needless to say, this place is always packed to the rafters!

2. FRENCH 75 at French 75 Bar at Arnaud’s

3. THE ABSINTHE HOUSE FRAPPE at The old Absinthe House

4. SAZERAC at The Sazerac Bar in The Roosevelt New Orleans

Note: The Sazerac Bar is a cannot miss if you are in New Orleans. This bar is listed as ” nine places to party like it’s 1929″ and the name Sazerac is coined after what many consider to be the world’s 1st mixed drink, invented in NOLA of course!


5. VOODOO PUNCH at Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

6. BRANDY MILK PUNCH (very fattening) at Brennan’s

7. RAMOS GIN FIZZ at The Roosevelt – Invented in the 1880s by Henry C. Ramos, this is one of New Orleans’ most famous drinks. The secret of its flavor and texture is orange flower water and egg whites (no wonder I was gaining weight by the hour!) When Huey P. Long was governor of Louisiana he brought with him to New York’s Roosevelt Hotel the bartender from the New Orleans Roosevelt to train the NYC bartenders on how to make a proper Ramos Gin Fizz, just so he could have his beloved New Orleans gin fizzes whenever he was in New York. What a man!


But now, here I am at the Roosevelt, drinking my Ramos Gin Fizz.. feeling like a million bucks too. Thank you Henry C. Ramos for this lovely liquid invention!

8. CAFE BRULOT at Antoine’s

9. THE VIEUX CARRE at The Carousel Bar

10. MINT JULEP at the Oak Alley Plantation Cafe – some places make 2 parts bourbon blended with one part homemade mint syrup, but this place gives you THREE parts bourbon!


After a really long walk in the plantation in the sweltering heat (summer came early I think), this Mint Julep cocktail is the thing to gulp down. Unfortunately drinking it fast like water, because you are dehydrated, is not a good thing. We ended up buzzing for an hour on the bus ride home!


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  • Wow. That’s a lot of booze! 🙂

  • Tha’s a lahh a’ drinken… *burps* 😛

  • Sean says:

    not one, not two, not five, but 10!!! that’s my gal! 😀

  • Sheryl says:

    Just visited New Orleans June 3-6. Drink descritions are very accurate! Had a blast. Voodoo punch at the Blacksmith was my fav. It’s deceiving, you think it’s like a slurpee from 7-11, but oh it’s not! Of course the Hurricane’s are great and the Mint Julips at the plantations or at any bar make you feel like you are straight out of Gone With the Wind or Jezebel! Has anyone hit the drive thru daquiri shops? haha Ummm we don’t have those in Michigan LOL! With the drinking aside, New Orleans is a great city!! I fell in love with the French Quarter. I highly reccommend visiting and of course trying all these drinks!

    • cumi&ciki says:

      oh wow, hi Sheryl and thank you for stopping by! yeah the drinks were great – glad u liked them as much as me! Drive through Daiquiri shops eh? sounds like a blast.. name the place and time and i will be there! haha

  • Lenyce says:

    OK…we’re heading that way Tuesday. I plan on trying a couple of those fantastic cocktail recommendations! You have a great site! Thank you soooo much for all the wonderful advice, ideas and tips and drink recommendations. Uh…we’re bringing teenagers. Did I mention thank u for the drink recommendations?!

  • Mike says:

    I have been to Nawlins so many times I can’t count them all (not enough toes and fingers). The Hurricanes at Pat Obrien’s Are lethal for sure. When I was younger I could handle them, but definitely not now. I love the food and could gain 200 pounds, if left to eat only in Nawlins. I would urge people to be wary with the heavy consumption of alcohol, as my friend and I were real bad off and we were followed back to our hotel room. My friend’s wallet was stolen after a night of heavy drinking in our hotel room. I subscribe to heavy partying, but just be careful!!!

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