Home Cooked Dinner at FBB’s


From L – R (starting top row): LL, FBB, Ciki, Min, A lil Fat Monkey, S, Bald Eagle, W.H.

1st Home-cooked meal of the year, by FBB! Also, we got to meet Min Chow of After Giovanni ..

DSC09869cream cheese spirals with lard, bacon and chives

Lardy Spirals – pastry made from lard rather than butter, because in the words of the Man himself – lard tastes so much better in the batter:P Bacon centers, like as if the lard pastry was not sinfully delicious enough! Note the impatient ‘lil fingers that come reaching out in the night… gimme a spiral..

DSC09921fluffy white rice

Ciki eats rice because the food is so awesome and how else can one eat home-cooked Curry Chicken and Babi Tau Yu.. not to mentioned double-boiled soup!

homecooked at FBBs1double-boiled soup, babi tau yu (pork in black soya sauce), Lotus root stir fry, curry chicken

Thanks B and FBB for the wonderful meal!


daun kadok

Mieng Kam! That wonderfully green and refreshing Thai starter .. kadok leaves grown in FBB’s own backyard.. He said ” You better pray that they are Kadok leaves, or you will all be dead in 5 seconds..”  Golly, I love my ‘Ahpa’ (FBB’s other nick, by the monkeys)  .. 😛

DSC09881B’s love’s labor preparing the ingredients that go into the Mieng Kam.

DSC09968-1rum and raisin cheese cake

This is the rum and raisin cheese cake.. heavy on the RUM. Inspired toppings and delicious creation ala FBB. Love it. Eat it… and tapau (take away) for Cumi fast, before Bald Eagle whacks the whole cake.. that guy really loves his cake.. no wonder he runs so fast in the Marathons.

Thanks B and FBB for a wonderful night. We look forward to more Home-cooked dinners for the Monkeys!


the kissing steamed pomfret

(or in the words of my favourite super action hero.. “I See You..”)


1st new friend in 2010 .. the one who is neither Ciki nor A lil Fatmonkey!


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