The Chocolate Fair Midvalley, KL 2010

DSC07574Step 1 – Admire the glistening egg on top your your Beef rice..

DSC07577Step 2 – Gingerly break the half boiled egg and let the yoke run into every crevice of the beef..


Step 3 – sit back for a moment and admire the work of art..


Step 4- Chow down with great gusto!


We like the sets at Pasta Zanmai because they are value for money.


Also, Cumi & ciki wanted to check out the Chocolate Fair at Midvalley KL with 3iling and decided to have a quick lunch with her to catch up in the new year, before heading to the exhibition.


What was supposed to be a simple, fast set lunch turned into a massive eat-fest.. and as we devoured our enormous meal, we knew we had to walk it off soon at the Chocolate Fair. The pizza pasta set, the rice and salmon pasta set and the steak set, only just set us back by approximately RM80 for three persons.

P1000537A nice meal and great catching up with 3iling.. time to hit the fair.

P1000542At the fair, 3iling introduced us to many luminaries and famous chocolate chefs because she is so damn well connected!

Choc Fair MidVal and lunch with Eiling3We were also introduced to the DG of the Malaysian Cocoa Board, Felicity who was a really nice and friendly lady. She has agreed to help arrange an outing to a cocoa processing center sometime this year! C&C and 3iling will liaise with her for a date.. stay tuned;)

P1000544We saw some interesting things at the Fair such as Chocolate printing,


innovative chocolate molds,

P1000570 ( I especially liked this one!)

P1000579Above pic, as 3iling put it.. chocolate aromatherapy. Now we know what to do with old chocs that we cannot eat..!)

P1000580We noticed that whilst the packaging was pretty nice and there were wholesalers present,

P1000581A lot of the chocolate on display were just the run of the mill,

Josen Choc FairHowever, one did stand out in the crowd.. Deanna Yusof’s Grandjean Freres.

We love Deanna.. she is one classy lady.. the model-turned actress is more than a pretty face. Malaysians know her for her daredevil skills at the races – I am talking race cars!  (Merdeka Millenium Race), she is a great singer and songwriter and the thing that not many people know about her is that she is a great cook as well.


Anyway,at the fair, Deanna was charming and talked to all the passerby’s informing them about these handmade swiss chocolates Grandjean Freres, which are made by award-winning patisseries, Marcel and André Grandjean from Givisiez, Switzerland. We tried some samples and they were exquisite! These are high end luxury chocolates but are worth every penny in terms of quality and presentation. 3iling was saying this should be the last stop for chocolate sampling – you palate a long ,lingering, aftertaste of the best! We agreed.

Choc Fair MidVal and lunch with Eiling1

CRISPY chocolate rice cereal bar .. the chocolate snack that many Malaysians grew up on.. ! You will notice the new branding – the blue dinosaur. Back then it was called Kandos. Again 3iling knew all the exhibitors so we got a whole handful of samples.

Choc Fair MidVal and lunch with EilingRyan Khang of My Nourishment magazine was also at the fair. He offered us some excellent macarons and chocolate chip cookies for sampling. 3iling liked the cookies so much she bought a box for C&C and one for herself.  Thanks sweetie!

Choc Fair MidVal and lunch with Eiling2

The fair was fun because of the company. We found the exhibition somewhat lacking in activities and participants, though.


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