Diced and sliced – Sentul

It is diced, sliced, sometimes minced and flavoured;

everyone has a take;

It is chicken, goat, mutton, wild-boar,

sometimes even crocodile or snake;

It is bamboo pierced, coconut mid-rib pierced,

drive a slim sharpened stick through its centre;

It is grilled, it is barbecued,

over a wood or charcoal fire;

It is Javanese, it is Malaysian, it is Singaporean, it is Thai.. whatever you say;

It is served with a spicy peanut sauce dip, it is the SATAY!

~c & c.


Sentul Satay is one of our all time favourite satays because it has all the winning components in a good satay. It has a delicious seasoning, is low in animal fat and is cooked just right. The peanut sauce is spicy and nutty with a good bite (we do not like watery peanut sauce). The chicken satay uses the softest breast meat you can imagine and this is why we keep coming back.


“the night is still young, so I light up my smokes, and watch the world go by.. because I know that slowly, inevitably the crowd will trickle in.. and slowly, inevitably every single satay stick will be sold out.. I am, the Satay Man from Sentul.”


Satay the world over.. Close analogues would be the Yakitori from Japan, the Shish Kebab from Turkey, the Sosatie from South Africa.. oh, and my most recent discovery was the Chuan from China! Meats on sticks over a BBQ – basic yet effective. Tapping into that childhood ‘fun’ way of eating your food. For satay, the “must have” ingredient which gives the dish its characteristic yellow colour, is Tumeric. Serve it up with a spicy peanut sauce dip, or peanut gravy, slivers of onions and cucumbers, and ketupat (rice cakes).. and you have a balanced meal of carbo, protein, fats, and vegetables but tastes delightfully sinful.. not unlike junk food!


Sentul Satay, if you have not tried it, you’re missing out!


Uncle Sentul Satay,
@Sentul Satay,
Restoran Eng Kee,
Jalan Union 4, KL


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