GSC Gold Class – GSC Signature at The Gardens

You know how people make new year resolutions?

Well, we made a new year pact instead…

There were 6 items on the list and they included :

1. Pursue blogging (seriously)
2. Start running (seriously)
3. Perfect that dive
4. Surf regularly so that, that lesson in Bali will not go down the drain
5. Buy her that bikini
6. Watch that 1st cheesy movie FY2008, in GSC Gold Class… erm.. Aliens vs. Predator 2, (doesn’t get cheesier than that… u think? ), because we read so much hype about the Gold class, but have never been.. so…

Lets see… items 1 to 4, take some organizing…

Items 5 & 6 on the other hand, can be solved …. erm… immediately !

So, we looked in the papers, for GSC gold class Midvalley… that way we can buy that bikini from Roxy as well as watch a movie kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

However, my eyes fell on something far more interesting…

GSC Signature?
Wow… how come I missed this earlier??? Hmm… between GSC midvalley (OLD) and GSC The Gardens, i.e. GSC Signature (NEW)…

which would you pick??? common… really…


Summore can still hop across for Roxy bikini right? Perfect:)

The place was a GHOST TOWN.

But still gorgeous.

Spanking new. Smelt like squeeky new leather seats and crisp new bank notes.. (haha)

Not a soul in sight…

WOW! Totally impressed!

Single, solitary, sleek booth for purchasing tickets. Didn’t feel like the cinema. Felt like a night out to the opera in Vienna….

Holy smokes indeed… so bloody expensive, they better serve Beluga Caviar at intermission.

.. Plus have the actors around in person to autograph my coke bottle…


a resounding RM120 for 2.


So they usher us in to the waiting chamber… still totally deserted. Not a soul in sight…

Low and behold , a gorgeous bar where you can have complimentary drinks and order your food – they deliver the food to you during the movie.

Later, in the Cinema, you get a MASSIVE (2X) leather chair, complete with duvet and pillow. Plus the chair reclines to near horizontal. Total opulence and debauchery, i tell ya.

However, our food (simple, simple order of calamari rings, bruschetta and coffee) took ONE AND A HALF HOURS to be served!!!

Not impressive. Not up to par.

Not Gold Class at all.

What’s more, when the food finally got to us, it was bland and HARD. Like rock, i mean.

Well, common guys… sort out your teething problems because if you don’t no one will fork out RM120 for a night-out to the big screen.

No way Jose !

Ambiance : 7/10
Service : 2/10
Food : 2/10


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