Canning Garden Ipoh, Chee Cheong Fun

Ipoh Mali… ! The girl’s on-going love affair with CCF 🙂

So… if anyone ever asks me where I am from,

the long version of the story i tell is usually… my Dad’s from Ipoh, I was born in Penang , but school-ed and raised in KL.

However, because all my relatives are in Ipoh, and I adore my grandparents (Canning Garden folk) and everything else gastronomically related to Ipoh, I never hesitate to say, to that expat at the bar, to my Japanese boss or to that tourist at the bus-stop, that I am absolutely “Ipoh Mali”…. 100% !

Totally sold. No contest.

Ipoh is my hometown:)

Don’t get me wrong. I love Penang food and all, but, for the next 6 blogs or so, i will show u why I regard Ipoh as my hometown… and am totally gobsmacked by Ipoh food. Really.

Introducing the reason I get up at 8 am in the mornings in Ipoh, though I am on holiday.

Canning Garden chee cheong fun !(for the benefit of those who do not know, or have yet to eat… , chee cheong fun is that flat white noodle sprinkled and dusted with dry baby shrimp and onions… drenched in sweet, salty, spicy pork-mushroom sauce, with a whole loada kick… )

This is a photo of my favourite chee cheong fun man who has been selling CCF at canning for what seems like, erm… all my life! He is soooo grumpy ! I love him !

He’s got his own spot and all… so cute.. he rides his bike cum stall into the coffee shop and starts chopping (7.45 am) till the chee cheong fun runs out.. which is like around 9.30 am. Business is insane, so,

you see now why I have to wake up at the crack of dawn, don’t u.

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Don’t ever repeat your order to this guy, coz he will bite your head off. As with most artists, few take kindly to being interrupted in mid stride, when composing, creating etc etc 😛

Since the CCF takes forever to arrive, what with the massive crowd and all, there’s always the nice Yong tau foo lady with her Yong tau foo food !

She’s really cute! She remembers me from like 15 years ago.. and says” Ooo.. u look all grown up la… BIG girl already ha… ? Wa… look so Japanese one ..! ”

What a darling she is that YTF lady… really.

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Anyway, here is that crazy lady’s YTF. I forgive her, her comments because anyone who makes such ridiculously delicious food should be forgiven their trespasses… totally 😛

By this time.. your stomach is screaming blue murder.. where.. izzzz … my Chee Cheong Fun? Where?


it arrives!

Thin, strong, yummie, chewy, light, springy, delicate, tough…. chee cheong fun !!

The noodle feels like a cross between Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun and Kway Teow noodle ( go figure!) and is totally 100% home made.

It looks like this! coz we ordered LARGE!

But… it feels.. more…




THIS! Aiyo… so small one… 🙁

Hmmm… better order another plate… carefully… discretely… so that he, (the CCF man) doesn’t yell at me…

Food : 8/10

MSG : low (amazingly)

Price : 2.70 larger, 2.20 small. (where to get in KL?? where?)

Service : Grouchy poo…

Next stop…. Indulging at Indulgence… !


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