Kogetsu @ Saujana

There’s definitely no shortage of Japanese restaurants in KL, but sometimes, the older establishments, are still the best.

Well, in our books anyway.

Kogetsu at Saujana Hotel in Subang, is one of those terrific places we totally adore visiting over and over again.


Sashimi Moriawase – Deluxe Assorted Raw Fish

Fresh and succulent, these cuts of Tuna, Salmon, Butterfish, Yellowtail and Octopus were thick and generous.

Sake is a must when having sashimi.. (Hot Sake Uragasumi Junmai Kiipon)

Chawan Mushi – Steamed Egg Custard

Silken smooth, these cups of egg custard slinked down out throats like satin sheets, interspersed with seafood and mushrooms.


Avocado Sarada – Salmon and Avocado with Sesame Dressing Salad

Rich and decadent, thanks to the sesame dressing, this would have been a healthy option, sans the salad dressing!


Unagi Shake Kawa Maki – Crispy Salmon Skin and Ell Roll

One of the highlights eating at Kogetsu was this eel maki. The crispy salmon skin, and sweet unagi were insanely addictive. We ate each bite full noisily, and nodded appreciatively as we crunched into the crispy skin flakes with enthusiasm.


Best Unagi we’ve had in ages – not too sweet, and loaded with tons of eel flavour and caramalized sweetness. It was just reeking with freshness.


After the sake, came the wine!


Wa Gyu Teppanyaki – Wa Gyu Steak Teppanyaki Style

And the red wine was just in time for the Wagyu teppanyaki steak too. Needless to say, these medium rare hunks of meat were the perfect foil for the crispy garlic flakes they were served with. Pungent aromas engulfed my mouth as I garnished my wagyu generously with garlic flakes before eating them. Awesome garlic power!


Dobin Mushi – Clear Soup with Seafood served in Tea Pot


Niniku Cha Han – Garlic Fried Rice

Teapot seafood soup is just the thing on a rainy night, to accompany garlic fried rice. As if the garlic flakes from the previous dish alone weren’t enough, we were going all out here to ward off vampires tonight. Good job everyone at the table was partaking..

Tempura Moriawase – Assorted Seafood and Vegetables in Batter

Crispy and well fried, the prawn tempura was the highlight in this dish.


Kaisen Teppanyaki – Teppanyaki Seafood Platter

I felt the sauce was a bit of a overkill in this course, which was a shame as it drowned out the intrinsic flavor of the scallops. Next time I will request for the seafood to be just lightly grilled.


Mancha Amitsu – Green Tea Ice Cream served with Jelly Gluten

Can’t go wrong with a rich dollop of green tea ice cream. I love it when the macha is tinged with a slight bitterness followed by an intoxicating aroma of green tea. Super addictive stuff especially with the chewy konnyaku and red bean paste.

Definitely pay Kogetsu a visit for top notch Japanese ala-carte cuisine and great ambiance.

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