The Haven Resorts, Ipoh Perak

“Paradise exists in our own backyard.”

Hailing from Ipoh Perak, I’ve always been partial towards my hometown up north. A mere 2 hours drive from KL, @thehavenresorts is a great place to stay at for a quick getaway from the repetitive city life that can literally just suck all the nature, creativity & color out of anyone. 

So juxtapose limestone rock formations on luxury suites and infinity 5-tiered pools and you have a winner. If you walk around the grounds you will notice a giant T-Rex from which most kids (particularly ours) likes to swing. Apparently these lime stone rocks are as old as the dinosaurs. The landscape sure is breathtaking and surrealistic .. just like jurassic park. 

Dinner here at Cuisines Restaurant was good. The dishes were well cooked, and whilst flavourful were low is sodium. Apparently no MSG is used in the cooking. 

We had and excellent Ipoh Curry Noodles, Thai beef salad served with Miang Kham – Wild Betel Leaf Wrap and Hainanese Chicken rice on the Asian menu which was thoroughly delicious. 

From the Western menu, the Fish and Chips left a lasting impression – the batter was nice and crispy and the fish succulent. 

In the mornings, we had the buffet breakfast at Cuisines again – no complaints what so ever and our kiddo loved the eggs made sunny side up! 

The amenities, service and food.. sublime. Say no more.. book @thehavenresorts and enjoy a slice of nature in your own backyard. 

By the way, this is also a great location to stay at as it’s around and hour plus away to the highly acclaimed Taiping Zoo and same amount of time to get to the Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge TT5 as well. If you have young kids, they would love these well managed “cuti-cuti Malaysia” attractions along the way, to and from KL. 


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