Sushi Mastro Nikkei – Japanese Peruvian in Kepong

Bluefin Otoro – Tuna belly

Finding Japanese Peruvian in the most adventitious corner of Kepong… we walked up to Sushi Mastro Nikkei, housed in a cozy corner of Taman Usahawan.
So where does one start on the menu? Blufin Otoro, of course. Fatty and juicy these were “melt in your mouth” sublime. The owners of @sushimastronikkei were well into the seafood import & distribution business way before the pandemic hit, so expanding into the sushi f&b business was really doing what came second nature to them – bringing great fresh fish and seafood to the good folk of KL.


Other hot favourites were the Torched Wagyu, 🥩Sashimi platter (Ikejime Surtidos) of the Siakap, Malabar and Red Snapper Sushi… and of course the Hamachi Tiradito. 🍣We scrambled looking for the Cheviche .. but there was none as yet because the Chef had yet to fine tune it to perfection. No matter, I told Jo, we can certainly wait, and we certainly will be back. Smoked Duck carpaccio was ok – a little on the salty side.

Ikejime Surtidos, Wagyu, Unagi Maki


Mastro Chawanmushi

The icing on the cakes was the Mastro Chawanmushi – soft egg backed with truffle, prawn, snapper and lumpfish roe.. this was the “oh wow” moment for me. Damn this dish was smooth. And finally the baked Cod Fish and the Champignon Batayaki sealed the deal for us. 

Codfish and Mushrooms

They recommended mocktails to us (this joint is halal btw) -Jugo de Leche (orange Yakult) Romero Sandia (watermelon rosemary) and Brisa Fresca (pineapple, peach), nice enough but with the full on flavours of Nikkei, I think we stick with the Ocha for now. 🍶
Definitely worth paying a second, and third visit. We will be back!


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