WF-SP800N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports

They’ve finally arrived. Sony’s water resistant headphones for sports. Yay!

They’ve arrived! WF-SP800N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports

What a relief especially since my sweaty workouts require a reliable water resistant pair of good headphones that play my rocking tunes, all day, everyday. 

Love the color! 🙂 They have these in a matt black as well.. just as nice, but in my opinion orange is nicer!

When you need that special playlist to take your workout to the next level, noise cancelling blocks out distractions – like the sounds of the gym or the street. So it’s just you and the beat. Extra bass delivers powerful, punchy low-end sound, giving you the drive to keep going.

These babies have legit proper IP55 certification for dust and water resistance, and even extends the battery life to a fantastic 9 hours of continuous listening (with ANC enabled)! 

Love the Orange coloured compact charging case not only protects the WF-SP800N, it also lets you power up on the go. If you’re not using noise cancellation, Sony estimates the buds to last around 13 hours, and so you’ll get another 13 from the case. When noise canceling is enabled, both of those numbers drop to nine, which still ranks as some of the best continuous stamina for earbuds that offer the feature.  

The lack of wires makes it great for when i go on my long runs. The battery life means i can complete my 21KM LSD run easily with music to spare:)  Cleaning up after the run is fast! Just a quick rinse and you don’t need to wipe down any wires. The only downside is when you’re doing HIIT workouts, if there are fast jerking movements, and your head is below your hips in say Pikes or Three legged dog to push ups etc, sometimes the buds can loosen or pop out, you just need to make sure they are screwed in tight into your ears before you start. Otherwise for running, it’s fine. 

Adaptive Sound Control is a smart function that automatically detects what you’re up to – for example, running, walking, waiting or travelling – then adjusts ambient sound settings to suit your environment. You can also customise the settings to your preferences using the Sony | Headphones Connect app – it can even learn favourite locations such as the gym or park.

All in all, worth the money. Find yourselves a pair today.  Here’s what the black one looks like.. if orange doesn’t rock your boat:) 

In a nutshell … Sweat resistant. 9 hours playtime. Ambient control means it can still filter in the sounds of the environment (yes you can hear the birds, the bees the cars etc) – not necessarily sound proof if you don’t require it.. also.. enough batt juice to finish FM all, twice over  


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