Long lingering Kaiseki afternoons, with Chef Watanabe of Kampachi

One of the best things about Kaiseki’s are the fact that you leave all the hard decisions to the Chef.

Such as what to have, much to have and when to have it.

At Kampachi, New Head Chef, Chef Watanabe is the man with the plan.. as well as the razor sharp sushi knife. Don’t mess.

Their latest Kaiseki menu ranges between RM350 – RM600 depending on the seasonal ingredients used. Customers can always make a booking 3 days in advance and Chef Watanabe will then curate the menu based on the availability and shipment of the day.

fabulous Japanese inspired cocktails at Kampachi.. just ask the mixologist

Here’s the Kaiseiki we had most recently and it was delicious!

Appetisers to whet the appetite!!!  

Sesame Bean Curd, Mixed Crab with White Sesame Paste, Sweet
Prawn with Miso, Marinated Snapper with Kelp, Minced Mullet Roe,
Smoked Duck with Orange, Fish Paste Omelet, Burdock rolled with


Japanese Tea Pot Soup with Mushroom and Prawn

Tuna, Flounder, Arkshell

Grilled Red Bream

Deep-fried Prawn Cracker, Lotus Root Cake, Japanese Yam

Domyoji-style Steamed Filefish

Sushi of Toro, Barracuda, Salmon Roe and Hosomaki

Citrus Sorbet, Shizuoka Melon

Kaiseki by Chef Watanabe priced at RM450 is a steal! Just call up a couple of days in advance to ensure everything is in order!


Kampachi Troika
The Troika, Jln Binjai, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2181 2282

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