Lunchtime with AHong @ Grub Section 17

It’s no secret.

It’s one of our favourite places for lunch.

And we keep going back for more.. Grub.


The new menu has us all sweaty and salivating.

Om nom nom..

Quail Salad – mesclun salad, fruits and egg (16.00)

Big fans of this bird.. feeds one nicely… two, if you plan to demolish the new lunch menu.

Lunch is served Friday’s to Sunday’s only by the way.


Roast Chicken with my favorite yorkshire pudding, pommel puree, roasted vegetables & mushrooms (16.50)

Nothing more satisfying than Yorkshire pudding done right…  huge soggy yet crispy on the perimeter .. OMG, give me more. A decidedly juicy chicken thigh but I’m a breast person, and some might relate.


Poule Au Pot – quarter chicken poached in stock, root veggies, salsa verde and lemon rice (22.00)

Best stew ever. Even baby slurped up the stock with no complaints.


Charsiew Chicken Bowl – Grilled chicken charsiew, egg, stewed veggies, mesclun salad, lemon rice (15.50)

If you can’t have pork, there’s AHong’s charsiew chicken. Not quite Charsiew farn but with these mammoth serving sizes, who can complain?

Lunch at AHong’s. You’ve been served;P



608, Jalan 17/10, Section 17,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 016-923 2983

Lunch is served Fri-Sun Only



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