Zip over to Ziffy Cafe!

In the last decade or so, a wave of coffee joints have proliferated the country, the mega-chains taking a backseat to smaller quality-focused cafes.

May your Coffee kick in, before reality does.. 

Cafe hopping is not just about getting high on caffeine these days, it’s a wave of folks who are passionate about that experience. We decided to check out Ziffy cafe, one of the newest cafes in Kota Damansara to experience their culture.


When life throws you a burger, or two.. eat it. 

Two of the best things at Ziffy Cafe – the burgers and the sweet potato fries!


“Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly..”

Fish and chips – crispy enough if you’re not expecting the freshest of fish, you won’t be disappointed.


“Life is a combination of magic and pesto ..”

Fabulous pesto pasta and don’t forget the crispy mushroom garnish too.


Do the hippie shake… Hippie Beef Burger.. dayum! 


Teriyaki infused pulled duck burger.. flavourful, well made, meaty goodness


Ziffy Cafe.. not just good coffee but decent cafe food as well. A must visit for that strong cuppa.


Ziffy Cafe
Ground Floor, Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara, Selangor
10am-10pm, except Wednesdays.


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