One more great reason to use Traveloka – Maybank’s 0% installment plan

There are so many travel platforms out there these days I get a headache each time I want to book a holiday.

I mean, how do you choose.

Well then, if you are OCD like me, then trust me when I say I’ve done my homework and navigated A LOT of hotel-flight platforms. And today, I want to make your life easier with just one word. Traveloka.

Yes that’s right. If you’ve never used Traveloka then you’ve been missing out.

Here are 5 Great Reasons why I like using Traveloka and find it relevant to today’s savvy traveler…

1. Most Competitive Pricing

If you know Traveloka, and have tried booking via their website and done your own comparisons, you will know that they have one of the most competitive prices on the market. And if that’s having your cake and eating it, well, here’s the icing – Traveloka’s partnership with Maybank to bring 0% installment plans for flight and hotel bookings to all destinations!

That’s right folks – Traveloka has launched a partnership with Maybank that allows Maybank credit card holders to pay for flight and hotel bookings in installments.

Through these installment plans, Malaysians can travel to their dream destinations now and pay later. These installment plans can help reduce the financial burden of having to pay everything upfront and should encourage all Malaysians to travel more frequently – I know it has done so for me!

Bookings with a minimum transaction of RM500 are eligible for the 6-month plan, while the 12-month plan is valid for bookings that are at least RM1,000 in total. For more information on the 0% Maybank installment plans go here

2. Most Relevant & Frequent Promotions 

Which traveler does not like promotions? Well Traveloka has some of the most interesting and relevant promotions happening frequently throughout the year . For example, right now the ongoing promotions are in conjunction with Raya.

Traveloka is having weekly hotel and flight promotions to wide range of domestic and international destinations in the month of Ramadhan where Malaysians can access these great deals across all of Traveloka’s platforms whether on the mobile app, desktop or mobile websites

3. Convenience – the Traveloka App

Traveloka App has already had 15 million downloads across Southeast Asia simply because it makes flight and hotel booking easy.
Download the app now in order to access the great deals while they last and to also take advantage of the exclusive installment plan..

4. Live Customer Support

Traveloka ensures that customer support is available 24/7 through either phone, email, or live chat. Troubleshooting has never been easier. The answer to all your questions at the tip of your fingers!

5. Zippy, Secure Booking with TravelokaPay

TravelokaPay is a one-stop payment for flight and hotel bookings. It makes payment much easier, especially for travelers on the go, as it merges all payment methods ranging from transfers via Internet Banking, to debit and credit cards, in one place.

But note, your Traveloka App needs to be updated to the latest version, version 2.9.

For those already familiar with TravelokaQuick, it has now been rebranded to My Cards. Using Traveloka App version 2.9, you’ll no longer see TravelokaQuick but TravelokaPay. Despite the re-branding, you’ll still be able to make payment using your registered credit card. Other than the name change and the app’s new feature, nothing else has changed. You can still use your TravelokaPay and make payment as usual. There are no additional steps for you to follow. The only difference is that your payment flow is now much smoother and more secure than before.

Time is of the essence and that is why traveloka has become my “go to” booking platform time and time again.



And those my friends are the 5 Great Reasons why I like using Traveloka and find it relevant to today’s savvy traveler!

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