Psstt… Domino’s has a Secret

Was just talking to my 6 year old niece, last week.

When I mentioned Domino’s she immediately though of this…

photo credit : bloomberg

photo credit : bloomberg


What I meant was .. this here below..

 Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Domino’s the game.. where if you can topple all of the Domino’s, you basically win the game. Anyway, you see the generation gap don’t you.. ? And after some explanation, my niece got what I meant by Domino’s.

Which brings me to Domino’s (the pizza) most exciting new SECRET.

What secret you say?

Well, I am just as curious as you.

However, all of us can find out faster, if like in the game above, we topple the dominos faster.

How this happens is if you and me.. and all fans of Dominos, head to Dominos, order a pizza & share the experience with the hashtag #dTopSecret .. this will help to unveil the secret. Simply snap and post a photo (FB, Twitter, IG – entirely up to you) using the hashtag, and we will all be one step closer to finding out Domino’s #dTopSecret.  Also to help all of us along, use this

Promo Code : MYD1 to get 50% off all orders. This code Valid till 16th of Oct ONLY.. so Hurry!

Go to Website :

Order your Domino’s pizza now ONLINE here (using the amazing 50% off offer INSERT CODE) & share your experience with hashtag #dTopSecret to help unveil Domino’s secret… Stay tune to this blog to see how the secret unravels.

Insert Code :

BONUS..  The most CREATIVE entries will stand a chance to witness the LIVE unveiling of #DTopSecret on 16th Oct 2015.

SO.. very simply:

  1. USE the Promo Code MYD1
  2. Buy the Pizza at 50% Off
  3. Snap & Post your most creative shot with Domino’s Pizza, to any of your social media accounts, (use the #DTopSecret hashtag)
  4. What and See with #dTopSecret is!
  5. The most creative photos will witness the LIVE unveiling of #DTopSecret on 16th Oct 2015!

Good luck.. and Don’t forget to eat!! 


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