Service à la francaise .. at The French House

Maison Francaise’s elevated brand of French cooking is accessible without being stuffy, some might even argue, no better gourmet deal in town.

And with the latest menu, comes some nice refreshing changes.


Amuse bouche of Broccoli  mousse – refreshing, zesty and curiously playful, garnished with a single wolfberry.


Smoked Duck breast Carpaccio , Brittany Artichoke Puree, Compote peppers


Loved the deep, smoky flavours of the Duck and the sweet Brittany Artichoke Puree – did not like the bread roll in the center which seemed a little hard and distracted us from the succulent meat at hand. We could not fully appreciate the dish thanks to the overly cumbersome bread center.


Fabulous wine-food pairing at Maison Francaise.. 


From L-R – The Last rib of the lamb rack, Lamb Ribeye, Sous vide Lamb shoulder and Chestnut served with a basil sauce

This dish of lamb cooked three ways, was on point. Loved the rib the best, with all the fatty succulence it carried, being close to the bone. The Sous vide shoulder was also melt-in-the-mouth, tender.


Cumi devoured his Veal with great gusto!


Veal tenderloin with French Green Pea, Onion-raisin Gnocchi, served with Veal demi glace

The simplest sauces are usually the best.. this Veal demi-glace heightened the succulence of the perfectly cooked tenderloin. You can see how red and rare it is.. super delicious! The french pea sides, looked like a work of modern art and its sweetness went well with the game. I loved particularly the onion gnocchi with had bits of raisins in it – imagine if you will, explosive tiny nuggets of intense sweetness and fruity aromas conferred by the dried grapes.


Onion-raisin Gnocchi


A simple yet effective veal demi-glace sauce to complete the dish 


Dark Chocolate Mousse, with a heart of raspberry mousse ensconced in a thin layer of crispy desiccated raspberry, served with gelatin of chrysanthemum, sorbet of raspberry and an exploding mojito sphere. Simply ambrosial!


Loved the crunchy bits of desiccated raspberry as you got closer to the center. A great textural contrast to the slick, smooth mousse.


Chef Thierry outdoes himself once again. We look forward to many more of his spectacular French creations in the months to come!

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