From the Garden to the Table.. lush, fresh, sublime!

So, it’s no secret that we are big fans of CY’s cooking.

It’s all about passion, and this girl has it.

Just the other week, we decided to give this supper club (or should I call it weekend lunch club, a visit) and her food was just nothing short of wow.

Here are the new things on Garden to Table Private Dining’s menu, that just blew our taste buds and our minds.


Garden salad of cucumber, ulam raja, figs, cherry tomatoes, purslane and blue pea flowers, and toasted coconut flakes. Served with a dressing made from Kalamansi lime juice, organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, organic apple cider vinegar, minced garlic, organic rainforest honey, Himalayan rock salt and ground white pepper. Clean eating has never been yummier!


Chicken Bibimbap with vegetables from the garden (sweet potato leaves, cucumber, chives), market-bought soy bean sprouts, organic carrot, shiitake mushroom, organic cold pressed sesame oil, organic sesame seeds, garlic and Gochujang (Korean Hot Pepper Paste).


Served with store-bought kimchi and garlic sesame chili okra (both from the garden). This dish is available with pre-booking, so you best call up and ask. Actually I think you should check with CY before hand, if any dish is on the menu, to be safe. It’s all part of the underground supper club dining fun, if you ask me.


Nasi Kerabu.. this is a hot favourite, from her old menu – characterized by the blue colour in the rice from the blue pea flower (bunga telang). At Garden to Table, it is usually served with two side dishes (Kerabu pucuk paku and Nyonya acar, side dishes vary from week to week), fish flakes toasted coconut flakes, kuah tumis (spiced chili coconut gravy), fresh shredded ulam (raw local herbs), home-sprouted organic mung bean sprouts, home-cured salted egg, East Coast fried fish crackers and sambal belacan.


Penang Asam Laksa cooked using numerous aromatic herbs and spices in spicy sour Spanish mackerel (kembung) fish stock, served with fresh shredded lettuce, mint, shredded cucumber, pineapple, thin onion slices & shrimp paste (petis udang). Love the explosive flavours of mint, cucumber, kesum, lemongrass, galangal, cili padi and kalamansi lime!


Cempedak Ice-cream – Good lord.. if there was ever an ice-cream to top the Durian Ice-cream, this would be it! Intense, creamy, fragrant and best news yet .. Dairy Free. Folks who are lactose intolerant (such as moi), rejoice. This one is for you. Coconut milk is employed to make the Cempedak ice-cream which means it’s still incredibly creamy and rich. Don’t let the ‘dairy free’ label fool you. It is still full-on yum.


And the highlight for September and my current favourite – the Black pepper Dayak chicken stew. Sourish spicy infused with intense black pepper flavours, this chicken stew is cooked using free-ranged chicken and served with Bario rice, named Beras Akah by the Kayan tribe, whom now actually, faces the threat of floods, hitting their homes and villages thanks to the mega dams in the Baram area of Sarawak overflowing their banks. The rice is manually harvested and pounded to remove the husks.


A great reason to visit Garden to Table Private dining this month for fabulous nosh, as well as to support sustainable dining, and also a worthy cause.

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