Hup Hup over to lunch… @ Hup Soon SS3

Every weekend, we like to we navigate the city’s coffee shops, to find the best things to eat on a budget, and hack menus that don’t seem so cheap on the surface but harbor unexpected culinary delights. I guess that’s what you could say, CCFoodTravel is good at.


Ah.. here we are at Hap Soon SS3.

Every single time we arrive at this restaurant, it’s 1pm.

And all the Yong Tau Foo (YTF) is sold out. It’s so popular, most of it is finished by noon. So finally, one weekend, we get our act together, and haul ass, and get there by 11:45am.  Yay! From afar, we see the YTF stall gleaming with shiny morsels of bean curd and vegetables stuffed with bean paste. We made it.. at last.


I greedily order a heap of stuff I like, and wait for my lunch to appear. If Cumi thinks I’m sharing this loot with him, he’s got another thing coming. I don’t need to worry..  I can see Cumi ordering up a storm of his own, in a different corner of the coffee shop, so things are dandy.

The YTF arrives. Without soup. What? I always, always have to dunk my foo chok in the soup before it eat it. It’s a must. Im sorely disappointed that the YTF here comes without soup. Folks think I am crazy, but this ritual means the foo chok imbibes the soup, and gets to that sweet-spot texture of half sodden and half crispy. It’s orgasmic.


Anyway, I’m not convinced its the best way, but this YTF arrives covered in a sticky gooey gravy. So I get over my disappointment of no soup, and sink my teeth into the first Foo Chok.

Wow, it’s actually really rather good … hmmm, and cheap. No wonder it’s always sold out before noon. Priced at just RM1.00 per piece it’s definitely more affordable than many places. The Foo chok is nicely fried. Fluffy, but also a soft kind of crispy if you know what I mean – not hard and thick – the foo chok skin is the thin sort. The augerbine, ladies fingers and chillies whilst not outstanding, are passable too. Not a bad, affordable alternative and closer of PJ folk too. Quite frankly I don’t see what the Ampang Yong Tau Foo fuss is all about. Back in the day (like during my parent’s time) it was good, but not anymore. Overrated and overpriced.


My favourite is the local tofu. A nice chewy skin, but soft white center. 


Baptism in sauce… Love the soggy skin ! 


The Penang Curry bihoon is interesting. The soup, is served separately from the noodles. It has an off white, grey complexion about it. Looks like the pallor of someone about to have a heart attack. Upon tasting the soup, it’s actually fragrant, light tasting fresh coconut, and a trace of tamarind and lemongrass. Mixing it with the chili paste is what gives it the final characteristic hue. The final flavour is an acquired taste actually. I didn’t like it that much.


Another popular option here, where we see folks go crazy with the ordering is the Indian Rice. I love the Mutton curry here, and took a ton of it but this whole plate only cost RM7. After 2 hours, I didn’t even feel thirsty. Very low, or no MSG which is great. I don’t like eating Nasi Kandar Kayu where I am thirsty, and stoned for several hours after. The dhal at the extreme left of the photo is great too – fragrant and bursting with lentil flavour as well as real beads of lentils (not just a runny liquid) and cooked with sayur manis it’s a must order.


Fried rice – another popular dish here, but it was just averagely fried for me.


Next time we will be back to try the Yee Mien!

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Hup Soon Restaurant,
Jalan SS 3/29, Taman Universiti,
47300 Petaling Jaya


  • contact.ewew says:

    Seems like lots of choices in one place and the YTF @ RM1 is cheap. Yeah, I like mine with a bit of soup underneath as well. My favourite now is the one from O & S at RM1.20/pc. As for Ampang YTF, not as good as before (ya lah)…but overpriced (not so lah), it’s RM1.10. Hmm…I’m interested to try this one.

  • suituapui says:

    Indian rice looks so good! I’d go for that. YTF, I like in clear soup.

    The Penang curry bihun looks good. Yes, like in Penang, the soup/gravy is pale – it only turns into that curry colour once the sambal is added. Learnt that in Penang some years ago. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, eh? Hehehehehe!!!!

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