“An Evening of Indulgence” – the Launch of Double Gold

What an unexpected surprise and honor to have been flown in specifically for the grand launch of Double Gold, in Yangon Myanmar!


In less than 12 hours boarding the plane, we found ourselves at the swanky downtown bar in Yangon, called Union Bar. The entire place was gleaming in Gold.. rather apt we thought for the launch of what would be, Grand Royal’s latest premium whisky blend, known simply as Double Gold.


Off we go… to Yangon! 


Classy, elegant and tastefully decorated, we knew we would be in for a great night. Being foodies and all, the highlight of the evening would be the whisky-food pairing dinner, to come. Themed “An Evening of Indulgence”, we were looking forward to the Chef’s specially crafted menu, that infused Double Gold into his 5-course menu.


Loads of paparazzi, glitterati and Yangon’s famous celebrities graced the occasion. Canapes and a free flow cocktails crafted with Double Gold whisky as a base, specially served in glasses gilded with gold, rather stole the show.




Honestly, Yangon keeps surprising us with how quickly it’s evolving, with modern and swanky bars that make you think you might be in one of Bangkok’s trendy joints, a great example being Union Bar. Loved the vibe, contemporary ambiance and mingling about, while drinking the ultra smooth and full-bodied Double Gold whisky.


The Double Gold bottle was gorgeous – embellished in gold, with a crowning glory, it stood for all things luxurious, and grand. The tagline for Double Gold was actually ‘Enjoy luxury, enjoy life!’ and we were certainly about to do just that.







The event kicked off with its hosts Ariel Thuta, Russell Bright and Brand Ambassadors who were dressed in Gold dresses (two tones of gold, signifying “double” gold), all designed by famous designer May Myat Warso.


Then it was time to dine on the Chef’s specially crafted menu, that infused Double Gold into all his signature dishes.


Amuse-bouche – Tourchon of foie gras with double gold whisky jelly, served with the 1st Cocktail

A subtle, delicious dollop of unctuous foie gras laced with whisky was understated and well paired with the first double gold cocktail of the night. Off to a great start.


First course – Shell fish and leek terrine with double gold truffle cocktail dressing

The second course of a rather beautifully plated seafood dish was paired with Double Gold on the rocks. We liked how the floral nose, and the caramel flavours of Double Gold blended harmoniously with the terrine.


Second course –  Mantis shrimp double gold whisky bisque


This mantis bisque was the best dish of the night. A rather sublime soup with fresh, bouncy mantis medallions, complemented the full-bodied Double Gold whisky served on the rocks, to perfection.


Third course – marinated pork saltimbocca with peppercorn double gold whisky sauce

The courses climaxed with this meaty, gamy main course of marinated pork saltimbocca. Loved how the peppercorn sauce was deeply flavoured with Double Gold aromas of smoky, caramel and dark ripe fruit. It was the perfect foil for the rich and meaty pork.


Dessert – double gold flamed banana tarte tartin with vanilla ice-cream paired with a Watermelon Cocktail 

Finally, a delectable dessert of flambéed banana tarte tartin, ended the night on a sweet note.


What an amazing night.. we had tons of fun! 

Toasting to a rather successful launch of Grand Royal’s Double Gold! Thanks for having us! 

Had a most brilliant time at Union Bar, being a part of this indulgent evening, of fine food and even finer whisky. This was a spectacular launch, and Double Gold has definitely signed, stamped & sealed its signet ring upon the hearts of a most high-ended crowd indeed.

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