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Brunch is something I look forward to on weekends, like how a devout Catholic looks forward to Sunday Mass. I mean, saying I like brunch a whole lot, would be an understatement.


And did you know that in many cities around the globe, brunch is a bit of an institution? Yup. Weekends are precious and so where you spend, and how you spend time filling your stomach, should be taken very seriously by establishments who offer brunch on their menus. God knows, I don’t mean to spend my weekend brunch time in noisy packed restaurant, or having watered down cocktails, and lousy eggs benedict with substandard hollandaise sauce or sorry-looking pate over stale bread. No way.

Brunch needs to be the highlight of the week with the best there is to offer.

Which brings us to Rendez-vous.


L – R : rabbit, pork and deer pate

Brunch on Sundays is priced at RM89++ per person, and as it turned out was crazy value for money, because the two of us ate till we were stuffed. We started with a delightful pate platter of rabbit, pork and deer, which were all chunky and decadent and bursting with fresh gamy flavour. The rabbit was sublime, with bits of prune in it for added tart sweetness. The pork pate was nutty and rich. The deer which was the darkest had the deepest flavour – all of them were equally fine!

To the left of the pate was the Pork Rillettes which was incredibly chunky and succulent. On the right, the Parma Ham, caramalized onions and salad completed the course, and we had all this with insanely delicious freshly baked french breads – think crispy outer and soft doughy center. Oh bliss.


Soft French butter and Jam and Honey.. pretty dangerous stuff as it was so good it kept us wanting to eat more bread!


A big plus for families – Rendez-vous takes your kids into consideration during brunch which means families are free to eat while the restaurant helps entertain your children. Not a bad deal especially for parents looking for a break while they enjoy their food!


Mains – Butcher’s BBQ – mixed grill platter 


Lovely medium rare steaks and chicken served with potatoes.. super yummy. Can’t go wrong with red meat and a choice of stinging black pepper, smooth butter or creamy blue cheese sauce. Simply delicious – my favourite was the blue cheese of course.


Finally when you can eat no more, out comes the two cheese platter of Reblochon and Gorgonzola.


This particular French cheese from the Alps, was very smooth, supple and ivory in colour – the Reblochon had a slight scent of the cellar and a mild fruity taste with an intense nutty aftertaste. It was delicate and had subtle flavours that went perfectly with a glass of Red called the Fat Bastard (from Rhone River).


The blue-veined cheese was fabulously pungent too with that hint of bittersweet nuttiness that either you love or hate. I just love it.


Ile flottante “soft meringue on top of vanila custard”  

Was super impressed with this French dessert that looked like a floating island. This was a dessert consisting of meringue floating on crème anglaise (a vanilla custard). The crème anglaise was eggy and flavourful with deep flavours of vanila, and the richness of hot milk.


tarte tatin “upside down Apple tart”

This inverted baked tart turn out perfectly, with apples expertly caramelize in a hot pan, and pastry, exposed during baking, to become light and flaky. Eat this and tell me that dollop of ice-cream doesn’t find the sweet spot between cold and melting decadence when you have it with a hot mouthful of apple tart! Wow, sublime!

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