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Taste Enclave – we’ve walked past many times, and never really felt the urge to go in, since we usually prefer food on the streets. There has now been a trend in Malaysia the past few years to put famous local street food brands into comfortable air-conditioned food halls at shopping complexes. Good idea? Yes, but is the taste up to par?

We were invited to check out the stalls at the Taste Enclave in Sunway, one stormy evening and we agreed, since we have never tried the food at this classy food court. We braved the rain, and the traffic jam. Fortunately, there was some parking spaces. Taste Enclave is located on the ground floor of Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel.


Claypot Chicken Rice (salted fish as add-on) – from New Heun Kee Claypot Rice – RM10.50 One of the top picks here at this food court, should be this claypot rice dish. The Salted fish served on the side should be shredded and added to the rice.. it really elevates the flavours up a notch. 

I liked the look of the food court – Clean, spacious, well ventilated. I noticed famous Malaysian restaurants such as Ikar Deliciously Healthy, Jalan Kayu Prata and the famous Lorong Seratus Tahun .. I really hoped that the food would be up to par.


Braised Chicken Wonton Noodle (RM10.50)- from Hong Kong Roast

We tried the Braised Chicken Wonton Noodle – not bad, but not great. Of course the regular Charsiew Wantan mee tastes better, for obvious reasons, but this place serves strictly halal food. The chicken was slightly too sweet, but it was succulent. The wantan noodles lacked that al dente texture but it might have been the cook’s bad day. We hear the other roasts at the stall is very popular so we might have to check it out again.


Nasi Lemak Chicken with 2 side dishes (RM9.90)- from Kunyit Nasi Lemak ; Pineapple Juice (RM7.00), Watermelon Juice (RM6.00) & Carrot Juice (RM7.00)- from Big Tap

The juices were freshly blended but were too sweet. Although Cumi ordered his carrot juice without sugar so that was fine. The nasi lemak presentation made the dish look very enticing, but the condiments and chicken, not really memorable.


Mentaiko Tamagoyaki- from Jyuhachi Ban Express 

This dish was not bad – can’t go wrong with egg or mentaiko really.

P4070672 Supreme Fried Kway Teow (RM23.90)- from Lorong Seratus Tahun

For a halal Char Kway Teow, the taste wasn’t too bad but to us it didn’t live up to the Lorong Seratus Tahun reputation. The order featured here has extra prawns hence the Supreme version. The cockles were a little puny, and not just because it was next to large prawns.


Half Chicken with 2 side orders (French fries & Coleslaw) (RM13.90)- from Am Sande

We liked the chicken as it was well roasted and pretty tasty.

P4070620 Penang Asam Laksa (RM10.90)-from Lorong Seratus Tahun

Not a bad option – the assam laksa had a nice sour and spicy kick to it. The addition of a large sliver of kembung fish definitely won us over.


Pineapple Fried Rice (RM13.90)-from Thai Licious

Loved the pineapple fried rice. The fragrant chewy texture of the rice was really tasty, and the abundance of seafood gave the dish great value – if you have only one option, order this.

P4070606 Lamb Cutlet with Honey Mint (RM38.80)-from Coen

Lamb cutlet that was predominantly fat instead of lean meat – not impressed.


 Grandeur Chawanmushi with Seafood (RM7.80)-from Grandeur Teppanyaki

The creative presentation of this Japanese favourite, the Cawanmushi lent the dish aromas of sautéed onion, seafood and fish roe. It wasn’t the best we have tried, but not bad for a food court.


Briyani Masala Chicken (RM13.80)-from Jalan Kayu Prata

Nice briyani rice flavor, texture and they have whole cashews in it. However, rather disappointing chicken masala that was way to tough. Couldn’t sink out teeth into this one.


 Nudel Auflauf (Baked Fusili with Cheese and Chicken) (RM12.90)-from Am Sande

This dish was good. Can’t go wrong with a good portion of decent cheese, and pasta that’s not too overcooked. Another option we’d recommend.


Fried Dory Fillet with Creamy Cheese Soup (RM10.90)- from Ikar Deliciously Healthy

This final dish was one of the most unappetizing fish noodles we have ever tried. Flat tasting and thin, the soup was pretty forgettable. I would not order this, even though they say it is popular with the office ladies in that area.

There are another 2 Taste Enclaves in town, one at Avenue K, and the other at Pavilion which are not, non-halal, i.e. they serve pork, and we have heard that the food there is better. We need to check that out for ourselves when we are next in the vicinity.


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