Rama V’s New Mouthwatering Thai Menu

Although Thai restaurants in KL are a dime a dozen, and some of the menus I’ve browsed seem a tad boring and homogeneous, some restaurants constantly evolve and improve on their cuisine.


Which is why there’s a good chance you won’t recognize much of the fare at Rama V. This somewhat low-key, casual, comfortable, yet fine dining Thai establishment focuses on the fiery, funky foods of Thailand, and the roster is a challenging one, with categories like Thai Salted Sun-Dried Beef, Ancient Thai Salad (for the ancient of days perhaps) and my favorite one called simply, ‘The Tiger Weeps’ though the restaurant maintains that no tigers were harmed in the process of making this dish.

Popiah Sod Ped RM26 – Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Roasted Duck

While you’ll certainly find food of this caliber in Thai enclaves in Thailand itself, I only know of a couple, on this side of the border that can match such high expectations. And dining at Rama V, well, it’s still a real treat, for me, anyway. What you won’t come home with is a MSG hangover which makes a change from the norm.


Neur Dad Deaw RM28 – Thai Salted Sun-Dried Beef

These crispy strips of deep-fried beef jerky arranged on the plate, were brittle beef, very crispy from the outside and wonderfully moistened with flavours inside. How easily it melted in the mouth, left behind the aroma of garlic and comforting heat of pepper.


Yam Tha Wie RM24 – Ancient Thai Salad

Really fell head over heals for this Ancient Thai salad that glistened in a piquant, moreish peanut sauce, flavoured with the intense aroma of bamboo shoots. Beware though.. folks who aren’t particular fans of bamboo shoots might find the flavour too full on, but I loved it, seeing as I love bamboo shoots. Thai food ain’t about simplicity. It’s about the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish, and this dish does that oh so well.


Tom Kong Pla Krob RM16/bowl – Spicy Clear Soup with Thai Smoke Fish and Thai Herbs

Yet another interesting and new dish at Rama V, this one is a spin on the Tom Yam. Spicy fish soup that uses fried, smoked and dried fish as their main ingredient. This fish had a smoky, jerky texture, bordering on being dry, like cardboard. But this is the appeal of the fish, apparently.


The soup itself is not as hot and spicy as the Tom Yum, but you can have it more spicy or sour if you like. Add dried chili for more spice. This soup is great for the winter time, in Thailand I imagine – make sure you turn the air-conditioning up when having it!


Chu Chee Kung Me Nam RM58 per pc – River Prawn Served with Thai Chili Herbs & Paste


Massive, succulent, river prawns, served de-shelled but with the heads still on the body – best part is sucking the roe out of the head. A rich, thick, slightly sweet coconutty and spicy curry slathered generously on the prawn makes it a real rice candidate. Eat it with rice, if you’ve got inches to spare!


Pad Cod Neung Rad Sod Manow RM100 – Steamed Cod Fish in Manow Sauce Accompanied by Mango Chutney

One of my favourites – a perfectly cooked (ie. not overcooked) unctuous cod fish, eaten with an equally addictive mango chutney.


The fatty cod is the perfect marriage for the piquant Thai sauce.


Seau Rong Hai (The Tiger Weeps)RM40 – Thai Styled Grilled Australian Tenderloin Steak served with Tamarind Sauce


This dish that comes from the Isaan region, is just incredible. And I love the way Rama V maintains that no Tigers were harmed in the process of cooking this dish! It is of course, not tiger, but Australian tenderloin. Anyway, the meat that’s well marinated and cooked a gorgeous medium rare is bursting with beefy flavour, enhanced by the tamarind sauce. A must order.

Rama V

Assorted Thai Desserts (Taco, Steamed Tapioca, Thai Jelly); Mango with Sticky Rice

After a delectable mixed Thai platter of desserts, it was time to call it a night. Indeed, I maintain that Thai food ain’t about simplicity. It’s about the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish, and Rama V pulls this off, so well, with its latest slew of memorable Thai dishes. They definitely have the formula right, in my books.


Cam-whoring.. since Rama V is such a gorgeous location.. and we had the gorgeous host, Andre Shum at our table!  Eddy of Chyuan’s Tiffin Supper Club on my right.. Andre to the left, to the left 😛 


Mr.Fatboybakes, Eddy .. and Cumi hiding behind the camera.. as always! 

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Rama V
5, Jalan U Thant, Kelab Golf Diraja Selangor,
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan
Phone:+603-2143 242


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