Underground dining with Chyuan’s Tiffin Supper Club

Secret Supper Club, Underground dining, Private Kitchen.. words that have connotations of elitism and non-mainstream dining.


“intimate group”, “by invitation only”, “anti-restaurant”.. adjectives that describe this phenomenon.

Of course these days, the supper clubs are a big business of their own.

Chefs get to serve what they think is appropriate and while the prices aren’t cheap, you will probably get that specially designed dish or dessert that you may never find elsewhere. They don’t occur every often, but when they do, you definitely want to be on that list.

Such is the uppityness and therefore the huge attraction of Underground Supper Clubs.


But just like restaurants, there are of course, both good and not so good Chefs. Supper clubs that strike a chord, and those that don’t.


Well on of those that does (well with me anyway), happens to be Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club.


Here were are, in the heart of Sri Petaling, at the lovely, exclusive invitation of Chef Eddy, his brother Raymong Kwong and Sister in Law, Muk. Getting to the “underground” location was a breeze.. just use WAZE. These days, even the logistically challenged such as moi can find anything.

The crowd which was initially 6 I think, had doubled to 12, and so we were lucky that Eddy made provisions for more. Such a clever chef!


The place was just gorgeous. We got there early and snooping around the place, we soon found the ‘tiffin’ in tiffin supperclub.


After a few drinks (BYOB) it was time to start eating.


The minute I tasted the Tom Yam Gung I was in love! This clear version had a slow insidious kick that almost knocked the breath out of me.


The slow burn only arrives, 10 minutes, into the soup. Hot, Sour, fragrant herbs of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers were the perfect base for the bee hoon (vermicelli). Succulent plump mushrooms lent a lovely texture and meatiness to the dish. The nicely browned but not burnt, crispy garlic sprinkles added a nice pungent aroma to the soup.


Steam fish with asian herbs serve with thai pesto sauce 

The star of this lovely steamed Talapia fish, salad starter would have to be the pesto sauce.. the heady fragrant aroma of coriander, garlic, green chilies, coupled with a super sour lime base and slow burn again from some ferocious, hotter than the hottest day in hell, chili padi! Wow, I was a bit greedy so I slapped a ton of pesto on my first wrap – nearly took my mouth (and my head) off.


The Talapia fish was a handsome catch.. seemed like a shame to flay it (not!) – its powdery flesh was sweet with flavours of galangal, lemongrass, kaffir leaves, garlic and shallots. I ate like half a dozen wraps of these easy.


Sweet n Spicy Mango Prawn Salad

This prawn mango salad was another full on, gastro stimulant. Though just a mere mouthful, it sat in a thick, crimson sauce of prawn paste, squid sauce, mixture of chili padi, palm sugar, shallots and ginger. Every mouthful was prawn infused.


Pork Neck cucumber salad

And who can resist a good necking? Pork neck I mean. I ended up putting  this into my Tom Yam Bee Hoon to give each bite more oomph. I hoped that even if Eddy noticed this travesty, he wouldn’t mind!


Santan Marshmallow Pudding

Soft, fragrant and billowy, these were like eating whispy pockets of clouds. Talking to eddy he told me he used egg white, coconut milk, gelatin, salt.. cooking the gelatin with pandan leaves, then setting the dessert in the fridge, and finally coating it in toasted coconut. I just totally died several times over and went to fluffy, billowy, coconutty heaven!

And then there was more eating, drinking and merry making. The stuff that super satiated guests do at an underground supper club I guess.

And more drinking.

And photos with the Chef.

And with each other.


Underground shuppa club… don’t mess! 

Oh what a night. Am now a huge fan of Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club. Do check out this place for great quality, incredibly fine tasting and well plated Asian cuisine. And if the occasional dessert completely discombobulates you, well then don’t say you weren’t warned!

 BYOB – Wines, whisky etc etc.. 

Cost estimate per head – RM75. Not a lot at all, if you go by the quality of the food served. For more info on how to go about booking.. check out the FB page.

photo credit : photos w/o watermark – Chef Dave Looi

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Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club
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