Cocktails at SIX , Telawi Bangsar

Living in a period where mixologists are a dime a dozen, creating drinks that thrill even the cocktail illuminati can be a gargantuan task.


However, Imran does precisely that and more, at SIX on Telawi, a cozy bar on the 1st floor that currently attracts both locals and booze geeks alike. Less sweet yet extravagant tipples must be the hallmark of this cocktail bar, like the one made with lavender extract frozen into the ice.


Lavendar infused ice.. a pretty, forsty lilac colour

If you are not a convert by then, then you should try the rest of SIX’s signatures and one of a kind offerings such as the, 6 Hit Wonder – aged tequila infused with lemongrass and kaffir leaves, while viscous Vermouth and Aperol add body and depth to this beverage.


 6 Hit Wonder

Sweetened with organic agave nectar balanced with SIX house bitters. (RM36 nett)


 Back to Square 6

And the next two are my absolute favorites.. Being a huge fan of the Martini, this one totally rocks my world. Back to Square 6, gin based and super delectable. We watch Imran work the Hendricks Gin with a generous splash of Shochu Wanko, stirred to minimise dilution.


A pinch of Salted Syrup and a dash of infused Cucumber Bitters brings balance, creating a manly Martini style drink but definitely sultry enough to be a ladies drink as well. (RM42 nett)


And my second favorite drink at SIX has got to be the earthy, sexy, Lesser of 6 Evils. To begin with there is the matter of a silky black truffle and organic olive oil infused vodka (made in-house). Anything that comes in a clear bottle like that, with a crude label stuck across it, announcing its contest is so terribly indie, and definitely had my attention.


Add to this a drop of lime, simple syrup, and lemon zest. Then egg white for creaminess and texture. Don’t let this simple looking cocktail fool you, it’s got the intoxicating musky aroma of truffle, that gives way to an abrupt toasty caramel after taste.. this tipple served Martini style is a must try. If you have only time for one drink at SIX, this would be it. (RM38 nett)


6 Times a Lady – Reminds me of a beach vacation sort of drink. A rather seductive Rum is infused with Pandan & selected Mexican Reposado. It is creamy yet refreshing, thanks to the squeeze of lime citrus that tantalises & teases the tastebuds.


Topped off with a shaving of ginger and moist tender coconut, sprayed on with SIX sublime house bitters to finish off the concoction. (RM36 nett)


Also not to be missed is the Cloud 6. This cocktail employs Singleton Single Malt whisky, toasted lavender and a dash of lemon syrup, providing sweet early notes – whilst a drop of SIX Pedro Ximinez delivers a rich fruity flavoured concotion, served over aromatic apple and lavender. (RM38 nett)


Cloud 6 – Whisky and Lavender.. not my favorite pair, I much preferred Back to Square 6Lesser of 6 Evils!


And in the spirit of Christmas, check out the 6 Eggs Short Of A Basket – An eggnog drink made from a spiced rum mixed with creamy custard, and infused with a blend of spices of cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves. (RM25 nett).

These cocktails mentioned above debut TODAY, Thursday, so it being a public holiday and all, getting sloshed on fine cocktails is not too bad an idea!


Verdict: One of the most affordable Cocktail bars in town to date. Come here for the Back to Square 6Lesser of 6 Evils, and also the great Yuletide specials, the 6 Eggs Short Of A Basket! 


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Telawi 3, (above La Creperie de Caroline and next to Alexis)
Opening hours, Every day except Monday, 5pm – late.
Tel: +603-2202 0029 / +6019-231 7000
Email:  [email protected]


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