The Sushi Bar at Chef Choi

A transcendent sliver of top-grade Uni is priceless.

But at Chef Choi’s Sushi Bar, that melt-in-your-mouth morsel comes at a cost. Especially when it is adorned with a crown of Beluga Caviar. But then again, who ever said that layered decadence upon decadence would be otherwise.


Beluga caviar, Uni (sea-urchin) Sushi

And you can be sure the Chef Choi’s extravagant raw-fish emporium should be a once-in-a-lifetime destination for sushi devotees. We have to tell you though, right from the outset, to change your expectations. The sushi here is not heavy in rice vinegar, so if you are expecting the full-blown, full-on flavour you find at most sushi bars, you will be disappointed. However, expectations aside, what you will find at Chef Choi’s Sushi bar, is an amazingly fresh and delicate tasting, spread of exotic sushi that’s hard to top.


Kinki Fish Sushi

That’s right, a sushi excursion to this joint definitely represents all-out indulgence.

At the bar, the Sushi Chef and his acolytes lavishly press giant Sweet Prawn brains into lightly warmed rice beds, wrapped in nori seaweed. The body of the giant prawn is made into an equally sweet, springy sushi piece, while the entire head of the prawn is seasoned and deep fried, so it takes on the from of a crispy morsel that can be eaten whole. Hence the name, Botan Ebi Three-Ways.


Botan Ebi Three Ways

And then there is the matter of a sumptuously enriched spaghetti with uni. It’s probably a luxury that few but deep-pocketed whales can afford, but worth every penny if you are a carbo-urchin addict.

Uni Spaghetti


Who can resist a plump offering of O-Toro?

Not me.


O Toro

Supreme tuna belly from the lowest section of the tuna belly, that is highest in fat content.. some prefer the Chutoro which is the slightly less fatty part, but no, I’m definitely more into the fat. Give me the fattest, any day!


Scallop Sashimi

Live scallop sashimi, taken right out of the scallop shell, is an exquisite treat. It has a slightly different taste and texture than the scallop normally served as sushi, and needs hardly any accompaniment to make it the perfect mouthful of sweetness. A little bit of soya sauce is nice too, but white and naked is definitely hard to top!


Aburi Hirame – Seared Flounder

This flame seared flounder had an interesting smokiness, but I prefer mine as unadorned raw fish any day.



One of my all-time favourite Japanese foods is Negitoro, the combination of raw fatty tuna (maguro) with spring onion served with sushi rice. Delicious!

So now, there is yet another great reason to visit Chef Choi. For sinfully delicious Sushi. Make it a must-visit!

Restaurant Chef Choi,
159, Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21635866
3°09’34.8″N 101°42’55.1″E


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