Moonstruck at Cristallo di Luna

The weather outside has been frightful, there seems to be a war (or two) looming, a nation’s spate of bad luck, and even the funniest reality show can only distract us for so long. Frankly, we all need some good food, and we need it quick.


Grilled Tenderloin of Black Angus Beef, Pommes au Dauphinoise, Fricassee of Wild Mushroom, Glazed Baby Onions, Morel Jus, Truffle Scented Oil

And one of the city’s most welcoming dives includes a Chic Casual Western restaurant known as Cristallo di Luna, or Cristallo for short. Located in iconic Pacific Regency (the hotel most famous for Luna Bar) we wondered how we might have missed this place, and not visited sooner. This hotel has been around for ages – back during our younger party days we used to frequent this part of town a lot, and we were happy to have a different reason to visit it again.


mojito – strong and well made

Mojito’s are a finicky drink and can quickly go from refreshing to medicinal tasting, when the ingredients are not balanced. Rest assured Cumi gave this one the thumbs up. A good balance of  white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint.. spot on in potency as well.


Cristallo’s kitchen bakes some decent bread


Warm Seared Scallops and Prawn with Ruby Red Grapefruit, Orange & Frisee Salad, Piquillo Coulis

Tiny but succulent scallops and medium-sized de-shelled prawns with a nice charred outer later… loved the bitter-sweet tangy flavour of the grapefruit slices.


Kaffir Scented Lobster Soup with Sea Scallop, Coconut Foam

A rich and creamy lobster bisque.. a perennial favorite and this one was a luscious soup full of intense lobster flavor. Chunks of scallop served as its pièce de résistance.. hard to fault.


Grilled Tenderloin of Black Angus Beef, Pommes au Dauphinoise, Fricassee of Wild Mushroom, Glazed Baby Onions, Morel Jus, Truffle Scented Oil

All that sizzles should be steak..  and a great cut of steak at that. And it sure doesn’t get more prime time than Black Angus, and from the Tenderloin, no less. This two inch thick steak medallion cooked a gorgeous rare, is just a sight for sore eyes. No palaver. Just a simple, Fricassee of Wild Mushroom, morel jus and truffle oil to make this piece of red meat, blossom into a work of art.


Oven Baked Cod Fillet, Mascarpone and Asparagus Orzo Risotto, Flying Fish Roe, Saffron Butter Sauce

A buttery mouthful later, of rich, flaky cod fish, with explosions of bouncy pearls of flying fish roe, and I am about to concede defeat. I doubt I had space for any more…



Pistachio and Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb, Sweet and Sour Lentils Du Puy, Saffron Potato, Rosemary Scented Jus

But a time out was not to be. Enter the Pistachio and Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb.

Flavorful pistachios make a perfect crust for lamb … A herb butter and nut crust kept this rack of lamb moist and flavorful. An interesting sour lentil also added character and texture to this dish.

P7228573I do like my lamb a medium or medium rare.. but this one was rare! And still it tasted great! No weird gamy taste or anything.. just perfect!


Chef Eddie Yap .. to Cristallo but certainly not new to us!

Chef Eddie used to be with The Westin KL for many years, and now he is leading the culinary team in Pacific Regency. He will soon be revamping the menu for Soi 23 as well.


Cappuccino Crème Brule with Vanilla Foam and Macadamia Ice Cream; ‘Teh Tarik’ Ginger Panna Cotta, Kaya Butter Toast; Chilled Strawberries, Passion Fruit & Mango Soup in Pavlova Bowl

Dinner ended was some flair, and I particularly loved a pannacotta based Teh Tarik and cappuccino creme brule that was served. Loved every minute of our dinner at Cristallo. Will definitely return for more exciting dishes soon.

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Cristallo Di Luna,
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone 03-2332 7777
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