Ante’s New Brunch Menu

I think you would agree with me, when I say that there are plenty of restaurants that offer lackluster brunch fixes with sloppy egg dishes and weak fry ups. These places give brunch a bad name.

But once in a while, you stumble upon a gem.

A place that serves a non rip-off brunch menu with great food. Definitely hang on to this place, and seek it out weekend after weekend, till you’ve exhausted the entire menu, and then some.


At its core, minus all that yuppie-hipster connotations, brunch is simply breakfast plus lunch. And what could be better than that? Nevertheless, there are those who claim to hate brunch. Well then, these poor souls have apparently never experienced a weekend afternoon in the comfortable dining area of Ante Kitchen & Bar.

If they had, they would have encountered many delights not typically associated with an average brunch –  an upbeat restorative vibe, spot-on cocktails even, a crowd of all ages, happy families and non-squealing tots.


Of course, all would be lost if the food wasn’t up to par. This is happily not the case. Even beyond the excellently eggy eggs, there are the deep fried soft poached eggs, gently poached, delicately breaded, deep fried till golden, then perched on bacon and roasted onions on buttered English muffin. Terrific housemade Gnocchi Napoli, potato pasta dumplings with tomato sauce and slight cream, parmesan cheese and rockets. For Croque-Monsieur fans, add an egg to the equation to give you a savory Croque Madame, Bacon and wine-infused cheese, with egg baked into the middle of milk toast. A handsomely portioned Big Breakfast, that’s truly big. The Ultimate Pork Belly Sandwich of Tender pork belly, crunchy pork ear, tomato salsa puree, arugula, grill toasted milk-loaf slices that will satisfy any belly on a lazy late morning. And to all that, add a manager that cares as deeply about the food they’re serving as they do about how you’re liking it. Now if that cannot convert brunch haters, we don’t know what can.

The Seven Items on the brunch menu are :



Deep Fried Soft Poached Egg 23

Gently poached, delicately breaded, deep fried till golden, then perched on bacon and roasted onions on buttered English muffin & Hollandaise sauce.. I get a real kick out of piercing the golden globe and watching the yellow, lava yolk flow out.. but then again who doesn’t. 


English Big Breakfast RM35

Baked eggs, bratwurst sausage, bacon, sautéed button mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans and milk toast – love the huge portions!


Baked Eggs in Cocotte RM29

2 eggs baked with spiced tomato puree, chorizo sausages, and parmesan cheese, serve with slices of baguette – dunking the baguette into the spicy sauce is an experience in itself!


Croque Madame RM28

Bacon and wine-infused cheese, with egg baked into the middle of milk toasts – runny yolks are what this place should be famous for. That and pork of course.


Gnocchi Napoli RM24

Potato pasta dumplings with tomato sauce and slight cream, parmesan cheese and rockets – larger than you average gnocchi these were good, but I prefer the smaller, softer yet fluffy traditional version.


Rosti and Bratwurst RM26

Grated potato pancake, served with bratwurst sausage, bacon and arugula


Ultimate Pork Belly Sandwich RM29

Tender pork belly and crunchy pork ear confit, tomato salsa puree, arugula, served between grill toasted milk-loaf slices. Served with fries and side salad.

Brunch is currently on on weekends, soon to be extended to weekdays as well.

Our favourite Snack here worth trying :


Confit of Pork Ears RM15

Confit up to 5 hours, breaded and deep fried – chewy, and soft on the inside, crunchy outside – super addictive!

Some of the Signature dishes at Ante :


The Char-Grilled Pork Steak RM46

One of the highlights dining here for us – if there’s one meat dish one should come here for, it would be this! A cut closer to the shoulders, our cut of steak is made up of parts of the belly, ribs, and loin with a higher percentage of dark meat content, resulting more tenderness and flavour. Char-grilled for the smoky avour and paired with our horseradish berry cream sauce, baked granny smith apple slices, roasted potatoes and rockets to complement.


Siew Yoke a.k.a. Sweet Belly RM26

Signature roast pork belly, lined up in a drizzle of house made caramel sauce


Char Siu Curry Cream RM32

Signature Ante sweet pork belly on curried linguine, with oyster mushroom and eggplant. Thick, creamy and sweet, this was too full on for me, but I can see how some folks might like it. You need to really like cream based pasta to dig this one. The eggplants & mushrooms possessed a nice smoky flavour though.

Desserts for the sweettooth!


Apple Crumble RM9 – A little soggy and soft, as I still like my apple bits crunchy along with a crunchy crumble.

Well, all in all, Ante is definitely a great place for brunch. We ate till our sides burst, if that’s any indication. And now with those 7 great dishes, you now have a good reason to visit too!

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Brunch is now served daily at Ante. 


Ante Kitchen and Bar
Solaris Dutamas 1
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-6206 3364
Open daily from 11.00am to 12.00am Sundays to Thursdays,
11.00am to 1.00am on Fridays and Saturdays.


  • ulric says:

    Hi! Love the soups on offer at Ante…especially the Tomasco =)

    Looks like a third visit is need to sample their baked eggs in cocotte, the gnocchi Napoli and the sinful-looking Ultimate Pork Belly Sandwich! 😀

    • ciki says:

      I haven’t tried the soups! Looks like I need to go back.. and gladly too! haha 😛 And all those u mentioned are my favourites:)

  • Craig says:

    That looks delicious, around here all you get is the gross runny egg and waffle brunch restaurants that you mentioned 🙁 I’d kill for something like this

  • Huai Bin says:

    Everything looks so yummeh!

    I like the croque madame – had a good one in Paris earlier this year and have been craving it since even though it’s easy to make, it’s hard to make a *good* one and this looks perfect.

    I’m totally perving on the Scotch eggs too, will visit this place for sure! Thanks for the introduction! 🙂

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